6 Ways You Save Money By Selling Online Full-Time! $20,000+ a Year SAVED!

6 Ways You Save Money By Selling Online Full-Time! $20,000+ a Year SAVED!

Posted by Big Brand on 1st May 2020

Today we are going to discuss the 6 MAJOR ways that online sellers cut expenses versus people who are employed at a typical 9-5 job.  The amount of savings just by working from home is INCREDIBLE!  Let's get started...

To begin, the question we are usually asked is "How much money can I make selling online?" - which is a great question, but people never consider how much money they SAVE by not having a "traditional job"... and saving money is every bit as important as generating money, because every dollar you save is $1 less than you have to make.  The more you save, the less you need to sell.  Kapish? 

1. Think about this: If you have a “regular job” and you spend only 20 minutes driving to it, 5 days a week, that's 3.33 hours a week that you waste. In 1 year you are wasting over 180 HOURS driving. If you value your time at only $10 an hour, that’s almost $2,000 a year you have wasted just by driving 20 minutes one-way daily. In 10 years you have thrown away $20,000! In 10 years you could buy a $37,000 brand new car and almost pay it off in cash.

2. But wait, we forgot to actually factor in gasoline costs! The average American spends $2,000 every year on gasoline! That’s a whopping $20,000 in 10 years time! With this savings you can pay off the remainder of the car we discussed in #1 and have enough left over to take a 3-day, All-Inclusive Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas!

3. You can eliminate your child care costs. The average monthly daycare cost in the USA is reported to be $1,230!!! That’s almost $15,000 A YEAR and in 10 years it’s almost $150,000!!!!!   I raised two sons working online, from home. It’s not easy but it absolutely can be done! If you already are a stay-at-home parent, the world is your oyster! If you are currently paying for child care so you can work; how much would you save per month by eliminating that expense? My good friend and his wife both work and pay for child care from the wives check. After the expense of child care she ends up with $300 a week for 40 hours work. Let’s do the math here: 40 hours a week for $300 is $7.50 an hour...before taxes and before gasoline expenses. Once you factor in those costs, she is probably actually taking home $5, or less, per hour. Meanwhile, she could instead work from home and easily make $5 an hour with none of the hassles. Plus, most importantly, you get to be with your kids. You get to see your son throw his first perfect-spiral football or watch him build with Legos. That is priceless! In 10 years of not paying for childcare you could pay for a $150,000 house in cash!

4. Low cost coffee, lunches, snacks and more! Did you know the average American spends $120 a MONTH on fast food….and that’s NOT counting morning coffee - coffee accounts for an additional $92 a month! That equals $23,000 in 10 years!  The only time I buy a single coffee is when I go to the airport; I can’t resist a good Starbucks Carmel Frappe while I wait for my vacation flight. Other than that, I make my own coffee at work / home. I usually eat whatever leftovers are in the fridge so I don’t have the expense of grabbing fast food during my lunch break. But I’ll admit I do love ordering some UberEats from time-to-time. If you are not from Michigan and want to come here, you absolutely MUST go to an Olgas and get the Olga Bread with Cheese Dip. Omg, sooooooo heavenly! :) With an extra $23,000, in 10 years you can completely renovate your landscaping in your front and back yard.

5. The average American household spends around $900 every year on automotive repairs! Since you are rarely driving, you have very few car repairs, if any. But when you go days without driving, or only drive a couple miles a day, you will drastically extend the life of your vehicle. Let’s say that by working from home you only spend $200 on repairs per year instead of $900; that's $700 savings which equals $7,000 saved in 10 years' time! With $7,000 you can remodel your bathroom, start a CD account through Ally Bank that earns you interest or buy a TON of stocks!

6. There’s lot of other ways you save money; no need to buy work clothes, you don’t have to really worry about getting in a car accident since you’re not driving much, you don’t have to invest time into “getting ready for work”, you can multi task, like watering the garden while photos upload, etc. And let’s not forget the most important thing: Your sanity! No more driving in rush hour, getting yelled at by a boss (although you will instead get berated, belittled and threatened by crazy customers, which can be worse!), no more waiting for Friday to come so you can be paid… your overall level of well-being greatly improves when you eliminate factors you can’t control; like, you can’t control if your boss is in a piss-poor mood next Thursday because his wife filed for divorce, or, you can’t control if the city closes the express way you need to take to get to work so now you’re driving 45 minutes instead of 20 due to side-roads-only.

But let’s just add up the total savings for #1 - #5: in 10 years you will have saved $200,000 just by changing your career to working from home!!!!!! The average monthly savings is $1,667 and the average annual savings is $20,000! So think of it like this; what is your current annual pay? If you make $50,000 a year and you are saving $20,000 per year just by working from home, all you need to make is $30,000 a year by selling online. That means you only need to generate $2,500 a month in sales/profit to continue to live your identical life! That's IT!! Hopefully this content makes you think about how your life could be if you start working for yourself instead of someone else. YOU CAN DO IT!!! All it takes is motivation, the desire to learn, patience and persistence! 

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