25 eBay Sellers Share the MOST HILARIOUS & ANNOYING Questions Buyers Ask

25 eBay Sellers Share the MOST HILARIOUS & ANNOYING Questions Buyers Ask

Posted by Big Brand on 23rd Mar 2021

Every online seller can absolutely relate to these types of mega annoying and utterly stupid buyer inquiries.  Here's a list of 25 buyer questions that are hilarious or eye-rolling, or both.  We found these on, Reddit and in the eBay Community Forums Enjoy ~ 

1.) Where do you buy your stock from?

- Ah yes, I'll just give some randomer my entire list of suppliers.

2.) “My niece is 9 years old. Do you think this will fit her?”

3.) "Will you shut the auction down, and sell it to me for a discount?"

4.) “some sob story about why she should have a TI84 I was selling for $5, it was a gift for her son. ignored her and sold it for $65”

5.) "Post this quickly, I need it for my son/daughter's birthday present" annoy me, you had 364 days notice, and decided to wait until it's 2 days away before buying something???

6.) At MINIMUM once per auction, "What's the lowest you'll go?"

7.) "Why are you selling this?"

8.) I was selling some nail polish for $3 plus a couple dollars shipping, just trying to get rid of it. Someone in Canada asks if I ship there and I said no. They outbid the first bidder and won it at $3.50 then messaged me and asked for free shipping.

9.) Item: Bundle of 20ish PC Games (nothing special)

Price: BIN £9.95 so under 50p a disc

Message: Could you take a picture of the underside of each disc please, so I can check for scratches.

Answer: No

10.) My craziest "lowball" offer:

Listing: £40 item, with £10 (international) shipping

Buyer "If I offer £4, do I get free shipping?"

11.) Excuses for why the buyer feels the seller should replace the item or refund them:

-I had the item in my gym bag and was mugged; the thief made off with the item.

-I was moving out of my dorm and had the item sitting in the hallway; someone took it.

-My house/car was broken into.

-I spilled coffee/soda/ink/etc. on the item.

12.) "Ralph Lauren Black Polo Shirt, Short Sleeve, Size XL, NWT".

And you get this question- "What color is shirt?".

13.) A lady asked if I could save some money by faxing her a bracelet instead of using the mail.

14.) years ago i sold a beautiful pet urn,someone asked if came with instructions,i so wanted to write back,,,kill animal, but i didn;t

15.) “sold a pair of vtg jeans, used, over 6 months ago. The old buyer just wrote and said the zipper broke and buyer wants a refund for a faulty pair of used vtg jeans”

16.) “ I read about was a buyer wrote a seller, saying s/he could not afford the item after winning. 'How about if I just pay so I don't get a UPI strike and then you can refund me so I can buy the baby some food'.”

17.) I have a variation listing that lets the buyer choose a quantity of 20, 50 or 100. One guy purchased and paid for the 20 quantity and then messaged me letting me know he'd like for me to send the 100. I wrote back asking if he meant he wanted to cancel the transaction and purchase the 100 instead, he replies "No, I just want you to send 100". Yeah, ok, no.

18.) I had someone recently email me to ask how much shipping would be to her zip. In the listing it said a flat rate of $3 First Class mail. I guess she thought it would be different to her zip?

19.) I got one today where the buyer purchase one team decal and then asked how come the entire league was also not in the package. They thought because I have a 30 team picture and also individual team pictures that he was suppose to get the entire 30 teams and also an individual team that he chose.

20.) Buyer sent me this following statement/message:

"Would you be willing to take $25 shipped for these shoes? I have checked sold listing and feel that i am offering you a fair price for a pair of used shoes."

21.) A recent survey revealed that 18% of Americans thought Blu-Ray was a marine animal, and 23% of Americans thought MP3 was one of the robots on Star Wars.

22.) Many moons ago we were running just auctions. We had a buyer contact & ask us "are you selling this?" to which I cracked up & answered "only if someone places a bid" them "so you're really selling this?" me "yes, I hope so" still lol, them "so how much do you want for it?" me "as much as you're willing to bid" them "So how much do you want me to put in that box?" now I'm dying laughing wondering is this guy for real, & if I answer how much I can get away with before being busted...DH walks in the room, I'm cracking up & he says "depends on how much you got"...instead I said "you put in your own amount you think is fair" & the guy says "well if you won't tell me, I'll have to make up an amount myself" me "ok, go for it"...turned out to be one of my best selling weeks with very few items.

23.) Buyer: I would like two of these please.

Seller: It comes in two sizes. Did you want the 1/2" or the 3/8"?

Buyer: Yes.

24.) I was selling a print that showed a blackboard leaning against a chair. The blackboard has a funny food-related phrase written on it.

The print was listed in artwork, described clearly in both Title and Description... even said, "lightweight paper, 8 1/2 inches by 11" etc..

Buyer's question: "Would I be able to erase the writing on the chalkboard?"

25.) Q: "can you deliver to me"

My Answer: I ship my items via USPS and there is no trouble shipping to IL. '

Reply: "no you deliver in person. I don't trust delivery services. Is only 4 hour away. Or you can take train."

This was for a used textbook. AHHHHH.

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