10 of the Strangest eBay Listings - July 2021 Edition

10 of the Strangest eBay Listings - July 2021 Edition

Posted by Big Brand on 31st Jul 2021

Last month we shared 10 batsh*t crazy REAL eBay listings ranging from a single, blank $25,000 piece of paper to human teeth to a jar of toenail clippings… and just when you think you have seen it all, welcome to July 2021. Enjoy ~

For some reason the July 2021 eBay listings seem to lean more toward morbid, I have no clue why, but here ya go:

1. Life isn’t complete without a real vintage human bone saw brought to you by odditiesforsale. Yours for under $35. To make matters creepier, 3 people per HOUR view this:

2. If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, how about putting a human fetus skeleton display on your fireplace mantel? You can score this weird AF item for $64, while supplies last (I hope there arent many in stock, or I’ll have to start asking questions) through asylumzone. Enjoy your free gift of siamese twins. *cringe*

3. I’m not sure what to even say about this one other than “Why? Just why?”..

But what makes it even more odd is the feedback that complains that the hands aren’t “good quality” versus the other tiny hands he previously bought ... which makes you wonder so many things:

4. This one is more disturbing than little hands. Did you know you can buy 36-count cases of, essentially, stink grenades on ebay? Did you know THOUSANDS of people buy them?

5. Dead Fairy Bones….???? Yep, it does say Dead Fairy Bones. I read it twice. I guarantee it says Dead Fairy Bones. If you have more questions you will have to ask the seller, creates4fun. On the upside it comes in a clear coffin so you can…. Admire… them…. I suppose. Only $65.:

 Here’s a side view, so you can TRULY APPRECIATE the… beauty???

6. You can also buy Condemned and Foreclosure stickers to “prank” your friends, family, coworkers, ex or someone you really want to sue the hell out of you.

Out of all the insane eBay listings we have examined so far, I would have to tell you NOT to buy the Foreclosure sticker because I don’t think this is funny to anyone other than you. In my opinion, even though it costs under $7, it’s going to cost over $7,000 in legal fees.

7. If you want to decorate your Christmas tree in Horror theme, here you go:

leah7952 will sell you a two pack of exceptionally un-Christmasy ornaments for $40.

8. If you’re on the go and realize you left your Voo Doo Dolls at home, thank goodness you bought the travel voodoos provided by sceniccityoddities. These dolls allow you to cast spells (or whatever it is that you do with them) when you’re not at home:

9. Toad Skin.  Not the toad, just the skin.  On the upside, it can be yours for under $14:

10. And let’s finish out this months list with an incredible piece of jewelry, perfect for that special woman in your life. There’s nothing your mother, sister, daughter or spouse would love more than a genuine moose poop necklace:

If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check out the insane listings from eBay in June 2021.  

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