10 MYTHS New Online Sellers Believe That ARE NOT True

10 MYTHS New Online Sellers Believe That ARE NOT True

Posted by Big Brand on 10th Aug 2020

Here at we chat with a large quantity of new sellers who have quite odd preconceived ideas about what "sells best" or "will never sell".  In fact, we get these odd statements so often that, amongst our staff, we started calling them, "Customer FACTS"  

Let me give you an example; when a new seller reaches out to us to inform us that they REALLY, REALLY want to buy our 50-piece Lot of dresses but "Nobody buys sundresses, so can you take out all of the short dresses and replace them all with floor-length Maxi dresses?  Because women only wear long dresses!"... this is a "customer fact"... or even when a customer says "Nobody likes the color Black, so can you swap all the black tank tops for more purple because all women love the color purple???" - yep... fact... customer fact.... So, here's the Top 10 Myths that New Sellers seems to believe that just aren't true, I promise!  

1. "Only size _(pick any size)__ sells and size _(pick any size)___ doesn’t sell!"  For some reason these new sellers tend to believe that if they purchase liquidations in Extra Small, Small, Extra Large or Plus Size, the merchandise will never be purchased.  I have come to realize that the reason most people think this is because THEY WEAR the size THEY BELIEVE is the "only size that sells".  However, sellers need to remember that designers PURCHASE sizes XS - XL / Plus Size because THESE SIZES SELL!!! Yes, seriously!  If size XL didn't sell, big brand stores wouldn't buy this size... this is why traditional designer brand stores do not carry size "XXXS skirts, size 7x blouses or size 56 FFF bras"; if you need these sizes you have to go to a specialty store because they're not POPULAR ENOUGH for a standard store to stock them on a daily basis.  However, size Extra Small, Small, and even Extra Large sell all day, so they regularly stock these sizes.  

2. "Nobody in __(pick a state) ___ buys ___(pick a product) ____" - one of the most popular ones we hear is like, "Nobody in Chicago buys swimwear" or "Nobody in Florida owns a Sweatshirt because it's too hot!" - I can tell you, as a life-long Michigan resident, I own swimwear, dresses, skirts, hoodies and parkas... yes, Michigan IS cold (OMG SUPER COLD!!)!  But, I, in fact, swim a LOT during the summer and we love to vacation, so even during Michigan -25 Degree winters I still jet-set to Mexico and actually wear a bathing suit! 

"Nobody wears ___(pick a style___) anymore!!!" - I hate to break it to ya, but even though YOU dislike rhinestone jeans or crop tops, people really seriously DO like these.  

3. "All of the women here are size _____ " - Nope, they're not.  No matter where you are from, women do come in different sizes... I promise!  Yes, in some countries women tend to wear smaller sizes but in the USA women really do wear ALL sizes!

4. "People do not buy clothing in the color ____"  - If you took the time to read our Most Popular Colors of Clothing Purchases, you already know this is false.  The great news is that ALL COLORS sell.  For real!

5. "The name brand _____ doesn’t sell" - It's 2020 and people still actively look to buy Ed Hardy, Affliction and anything Discontinued.  Enough said.  Just because you hate Walmart clothing doesn't mean people don't like Walmart clothing.  In fact, they like it so much that Walmart is one of the biggest businesses in the World!

6. "If it has an imperfection / stain rip, nobody will ever buy it so I have to throw it away!!" - Well this is stupid.  Most people don't throw something away over an imperfection. In fact, some people prefer to buy imperfect items because they can get them cheaper.  They don't mind removing a stain or adding a patch.  

7. "It looks used so nobody will ever pay over $5 for it!" - There's a massive market for imperfect items, which is why "Store Returns" and "Salvage" are actually THINGS. This is also why Thrift Stores, Resale Shops and Consignment are in every state!

8. "This looks too small / tight / large / oversized! I can’t sell this!" - You're not the Nostradamus of sizing. 

9. "THIS IS UGLY. I CANT LIST THIS!!  NOBODY WILL EVER BUY SOMETHING THIS HIDEOUS!" - seriously though, have you ever seen the weird styles at fashion shows???  A dress made out of duct tape and trash bags.... Lady Gagas literal Meat Dress... KFC just released a shoe collection that SMELLS LIKE fried chicken... yep, people buy it! 

10. "This is OFFENSIVE!  I can't list this!  It's against my beliefs!" - I have said it many times before and I'll say it again, "I would sell a pitchfork to a Satanist".  Maybe you find that shocking, but I am in business to make money, not friends.  If I can make friends along my journey; GREAT!  But for me, this isn't a hobby or social club, this is my life and, over the years, I have learned to let go of my personal beliefs when it comes to inventory.  You are welcome to have whatever morals and opinions you would like; that's the beauty of living in America.  However, once you start refusing to carry merchandise because it doesn't appeal to you, you are also losing sales.  This applies to everything from religious merchandise to political to clothing with sayings that you would never wear, let alone condone.

BONUS: 11.  "There's just not enough profit at this price for me to make ANYTHING!".    If you read our article called "How Much Do Online Sellers ACTUALLY Make" you learned that the majority of sellers are making 25%-50% profit or LESS.  Meaning, if they paid $10 for it, they are selling it at $15 or less.  These seller rely on their prices staying low and selling a ton of product. In fact, only 2% of online seller report making 100% profit (buy it for $10, sell it for $20).  So, if you are buying merchandise with the goal of a 200% markup (buy it for $10, sell it for $30) or a 300% markup (buy for $10, sell for $40), you probably are not going to be selling much as you could be if you simply decrease your markup.  

REALITY:  I absolutely assure you that EVERYTHING sells.  If you seem to have merchandise that just isn't selling, there could be several reasons why and none of those reasons have anything to do with the actual item.  Check out some of our great content below to help you solve your issues:

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