Why We Stopped Offering Overnight / Next Day Delivery

Why We Stopped Offering Overnight / Next Day Delivery

Posted by Big Brand on 1st Oct 2021

Most people who buy wholesale don’t plan on it arriving the day after they purchase, but there are a handful who are willing to pay for super fast delivery. Although we used to offer this as a shipping option we had to stop for these four reasons:


Literally, every single time we shipped Overnight / Next Day it would take at least 2 days to arrive, which meant the buyer would become livid with the seller (us) and ultimately demand reimbursement because shipping overnight is insanely expensive. This meant we had to apologize profusely to the buyer (even though we did nothing wrong) then we had to invest time and energy into filing paperwork with the carrier to attempt to get a credit. In the meantime we had to reimburse the buyer out of our pocket then wait for the carrier to cut us a check… it was just a friggin’ mess. An expensive mess that resulted in buyers hating our company when the entire blame should have been placed on the carrier.

After a dozen-or-so instances of going through this process we were forced to pull the plug on offering overnight shipping.


Being that we sell bulk, authentic, designer brand clothing and accessories we are a very prime target for people who steal credit card numbers then use the stolen numbers to place orders online. These scammers ALWAYS pick overnight shipping because they need to get the merchandise out of the sellers hands and into their hands before the credit card fraud victim realizes the charges were placed on their card and contacts their bank to dispute the transaction.

When you are a seller who offers overnight shipping you have virtually no time to investigate the purchase because you are rushing to get it in transit. With that being said, it takes a few days for a chargeback to hit your seller account so if the scammer uses the stolen card to order on Monday and you ship right away so it is delivered on Tuesday, the chargeback might not hit until Wednesday or Thursday.


We sell bulk wholesale. When a buyer wants 150 shirts shipped overnight it requires multiple parcels. Each parcel is going to cost $70+ and features size restrictions. 150 shirts can take 3 or more parcels.


I mean, I guess it makes sense for the carrier to charge $70+ to ship a couple things across the USA overnight however, the buyer ends up feeling an added sense of expectation because they spent such a large amount of money; sure, the call phone case was $7 but the added $30 shipping turns it into a $37 item. Now the buyer is expecting the $7 item to be an-almost-$40 item, which it just isn’t. High expectations of cheap items can lead to unhappy buyers. The issue for the seller is that the item never was sold for $40, it was sold for the low price of $7. You can learn more about the Unrealistic Buyer Expectations of Low Priced Items on our blog.


Here at we ship same day if the order is placed before 12pm EST, even though our parcels don’t actually go out until 3:30pm-4:30pm. This means we have 3 ½ or more hours after a noon order is placed to get it in transit, and on busy days we are often literally running. The good news is that we do not have the added pressure of the buyer expecting it to arrive tomorrow. However, when a buyer pays $70 for overnight shipping and is expecting it to arrive by this time tomorrow there is an added pressure to get it in transit NOW.

When you rush to get orders in transit (no, I don’t mean “hurry”, I mean RUSH), you can pull the wrong item, print the wrong label, forget something, package poorly, etc.


It doesn’t make sense for our business. If you need your merchandise right away we suggest picking up from our warehouse in Wayne MI

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