Wholesale Buyers: Famous Store Liquidations WE HATE MOST

Wholesale Buyers: Famous Store Liquidations WE HATE MOST

Posted by Big Brand on 6th Jun 2021

Here’s something you won’t find anywhere else online. Today I am going to share with you the big company we have had the absolute WORST experience buying liquidations through so you can decide if their liquidations are right for you.  Let's begin: 

ANSWER:  WALMART.  Hands down, out of the entire industry, Walmart is our most hated liquidator.  Here's exactly why:

Walmart liquidations, due to their “Return Anything You Want!” policy are always a mix of viciously broken things, Store Returns and clearance section things, which is fairly typical with lots of companies that liquidate, however there’s something about Walmart that sets them apart (in a bad way) from other companies:

Their shoppers are apparently excessively rough on items. This means the percentage of completely destroyed merchandise is higher than ANY other company we have ever bought through.

The shoppers are destructive. The amount of disgusting things you see is… well… disgusting. From people blowing their nose on a brand new sweater to kids wiping their mouth on a dress that is still on the hanger, to electronics being returned covered in grease… it’s just gross. It’s not uncommon for items to smell like urination (or cat urine), cigarette smoke or body odor.

The Return Policy is INSANE. The stuff they allow people to return is utterly nuts. Kids coats with the kids name written on the inside and the zipper intentionally cut out. Shoes literally covered in chocolate (Lord, I hope it’s chocolate), blow dryers jammed up with chunks of still-WET hair (EEW!!), completely used makeup, worn underwear… and I mean WORN, if you catch my drift. Then all of this nastiness gets SOLD as liquidations. Want to hear a quick story? In one of the Walmart pallets we got in a small tabletop deep fryer, brand new, in the box. I knew my friend wanted it so I gave it as a gift. A few weeks later I asked him how he likes it. He said “Well…. … … I went to use it and it was used with old onion rings still in it. It smelled so bad I threw it out” - OMFG, imagine how embarrassed I was!

Extreme Theft. It’s damn near impossible to sell things that aren’t single pieces of clothing because you are absolutely FORCED to open and inspect every single thing because people steal the heck out of Walmart items. If you sell a silverware set you’d better open it all up and count every piece because your buyer is going to freak out when 3 of the knives are missing… or, when the buyer discovers the silverware inside the box isn’t at all the silverware shown ON the box. At Walmart it is so friggin common to get “swapped” items. This is when the thief wants to steal something but they don’t want to put it in their pocket and walk out the front door, so they open it up then swap it with a cheaper version. The thief then brings the cheaper box (containing the more expensive item) to the U-Scan and pays the cheaper price for secret item inside the box. So what ends up happening is YOU get the $25 retail package but inside of it is the $5 version of the item.

The merchandise, in general, is all inexpensive so there are very few items you can actually make money off of. For example, let's say a kids tee retails for $5 and you paid $1 for it. After you discard 50% or more of the damaged items your cost for the tee has doubled to $2+. And saying the damage is “50%”, in my opinion, is very low. I would say the totally disgusting or completely unsellable percentage is closer to 75%

And lastly, Walmart liquidations aren’t even cheap. You would think that you would be able to get this stuff for under $1, but nope. If you’re buying a large quantity (1+ pallets) you are going to pay $2+ per piece, but as mentioned, be sure to plan ahead and double your cost because you’re going to have a TON of scrap, so that $2 item becomes a $4+ item.  

In my opinion, avoid Walmart liquidations like a plague.  If you prefer good quality liquidations aim for M*CYSBL**MINGDALESCostco even JC Penny.  

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