We Review Cheap Box Cutter Razor Blades from Amazon

We Review Cheap Box Cutter Razor Blades from Amazon

Posted by Big Brand on 30th Oct 2021

We have tested dozens of box cutter razor blade listings on Amazon to find the best of the cheapest for our warehouse staff at BigBrandWholesale. Here's our findings:

When it comes to box cutters, there are different blade sizes. 

Personally, I feel that the larger blades on “Box Cutter Knives” are great for tasks like breaking down cardboard boxes:

But when it comes to opening new inventory I prefer the Medium-Small size. The reason I prefer to not use the giant blade is because we have no way of knowing how specifically the merchandise is packed. Usually the liquidations we get in do not have a “cut-proof layer” of cardboard on top of the inventory, so if you slice straight through the top of the box you will cut your inventory. By using the smaller size blade you can slice the tape without piercing too far.

With that in mind we invest in bulk “Utility Knives”:

Here’s our findings:

If you are looking for a small blade, there’s the $9.99 24-pack of Small Blade Box Cutters

The total cost per piece comes to $0.42 cents. If those are sold out there is also a listing for the same bulk lot for around $11. Keep in mind, these have a very small blade.

OUR RATING (out of 5-stars): 4

We have also tried the Rexbeti 12-pack case for $12:

My only complaint is that you’re supposed to snap off the blade when it becomes dull and the blade is hard for me to break. The couple I have been able to snap did not snap evenly. The total cost per piece comes to $1.


NicPro has a case of 15 knives but it also comes with 30 bonus full length blades, so its like having 45 knives for only $10 - $14, depending which size blade you want. 

The NicPro lot is technically the best deal IF you are willing to refill your knives. If you buy the $14 case of the larger size blades your cost per piece is only $0.31. If you buy the smaller size blade your cost per piece is only 22 cents!

OUR RATING: 4.5 - The only reason we don’t give this 5 stars is because changing the blade takes a couple seconds and we go through a ton of box cutters. If you dont blow through box cutters you will likely LOVE these.

If you are strictly looking for the cheapest price and you don't care about quality, you can get a no-brand case of 96 box cutters for $19.99, which comes to $0.21 per piece, which makes this lot 1-cent cheaper per item than the NicPro, however the quality is sub-par.  

You should expect the blades to fall out, the handle to break and the knives to fall apart while in use. Depending on what task you are performing while using these knives, you may end up seriously injured. In my opinion, this isn’t worth saving a literal penny. And, it’s basically impossible to snap off the blade without the plastic of the knife breaking in half.


100 Pack of “The Yellow Box Cutter”:  

These sell for $29.99 on Amazon, which puts your cost per piece under 30-cents each, which makes The Yellow Box Cutter less expensive than the Rexbeti but more expensive than the NicPro. With that being said, these are great knives for online sellers. They’re good quality for opening inventory and breaking down boxes. I can’t speak on how good they are for crafting or other tasks and quite honestly, I don’t care. These work great for our intended purpose.

You don't have to worry about swapping out blades like with the NicPro.

We have had no issues with one breaking or the blade falling out.



My advice would be, if you don’t need to use a ton of box cutters and if you don’t use box cutters 7-days a week, go with the NicPro. If you do need a lot of cutters go with “The Yellow Box Cutter”

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