Tracking Says Delivered to Parcel Locker: What This Means and How to Get Your Package!

Tracking Says Delivered to Parcel Locker: What This Means and How to Get Your Package!

Posted by Big Brand on 9th Feb 2020

We often have buyers say “My tracking says Delivered but it’s not here!”. When we check their tracking number it says “Delivered to Parcel Locker”, which is different than being set in front of your door or being put in your mailbox. So here’s how to find the parcel locker and get your parcel...

First, let’s discuss why it would be delivered to a Parcel Locker in the first place:

  • Too large to fit in mail box
  • Carrier cannot access your front door, such as if you live in an apartment complex, inside a gated yard or down a long road / driveway
  • It simply isn’t a secure enough location to leave at front door
  • Carrier couldn’t find your front door
  • Or carrier was instructed by HOA not to leave parcels at doors. If your subdivision HOA is very strict, this is most likely why, 
  • If you live in a trailer park parcels will almost always be left in parcel lockers
  • The parcel does not fit inside your P.O. Box


A Parcel locker is either:

1. A larger mail box. For example, if you live within an Apartment Complex or in a HOA subdivision where mailboxes are grouped together, you likely have seen the extra large mail boxes that look like this:

If this looks like the place where you get your mail, you should REACH INSIDE YOUR MAIL BOX to locate the key to the parcel locker box. The key will have a number or letter on it that corresponds with one of the large boxes. When you stick the key in the large box will open and the key will remain in the keyhole. You simply take your parcel and leave.

2. A parcel locker could also mean the front desk area.  If you live in an apartment, trailer park or if you had the parcel delivered to a place with a reception area, there is also typically some kind of parcel holding area. If this is the case you will have to go to the reception area during business hours to get your parcel.


If you still cannot figure out where the parcel locker is you need to contact your local post office and ask.  You could also simply flag down your mail carrier and inquire.  Or, if you live in apartments, ask the receptionist.  

If you are not sure how to contact your local post office, just google search "USPS (your zip code)", for example "USPS 48111" and you will see results like this:

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