Our NEW Text Message Support Number! (734) 322-9338

Posted by Big Brand on 4th Jun 2022

Our phone number has changed!  Our new number is (734) 322-9338!

See the source image

We also have TONS of exciting upgrades coming to our site starting 6-6-22!  A couple of the changes will be:

- NEW "Fast Checkout".  By June 15th you will be able to buy listings with only 2 clicks!

- NEW financing options! Before the end of June we will be offering Sezzle payments! 

- NEW Skype Contact Info!  Thats right, we will be adding Skype texting as another way to reach us!

- NEW live chat!  Our new live chat should be coming on 6-6-22 or 6-7 and will have a ton of awesome features that you are going to LOVE!

- NEW brands!  Starting the week of 6-6-22 we will be getting in Zulilly merchandise! 

And more!  We are super excited for you to see all of these new improvements!  But in the meantime, if you have our old number saved in your phone, please change it to our new number, (734) 322-9338!

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