Online Sellers: Types of Bras, Padding, Styles and More! TERMINOLOGY

Online Sellers: Types of Bras, Padding, Styles and More! TERMINOLOGY

Posted by Big Brand on 7th Feb 2021

If you’re an online seller who has started to buy wholesale bras to resell, here’s everything you need to know to list them:



Unlined - this type of bra is just a piece of material. If you put your fingers on the front side of the cup and on the inside, you can easily feel your fingers. Sometimes these bras are sheer, semi sheer, mesh or lace. (If you can see a nipple through it, it is Unlined). Unlined bras may have an underwire, but others are bralette-style. Often, see-through “sexy” bras that are made of lace or mesh are referred to as “lingerie bras” because they are not practical for everyday wear.

Lined - a Lined bra is like an unlined bra, except for it has a lining. Lined bras are not “see through”. Some Lined bras feel like they have a very, very thin piece of padding but others have a couple layers of material. Usually the lining cannot be removed from the bra. Lined bras are the most popular style of bra for women over the age of 35.

Padded - Padded bras feature “sponge” / “foam” / “pillow” of some kind. Padded bras (as well as pushups) are the second most popular bra.

(Padded) Pushup - These bras usually have a thick pillow, usually located toward the bottom of the cup.

Removable Padding - This means the sponge / pillow can be removed from the bra. Many women prefer to remove the padding before laundering because it can get wrinkled during the washing process.

Add-A-Cup Pushup - The “pillow” is pretty darn squishy

Add-2-Cups - The pillow looks big enough for a Parrot or large Iguana to sleep on. Victorias Secret calls these “Bombshell Bras”. 


So now that you are a bra expert, it's time to load up!  Don't forget the panties:

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