Online Sellers:  The BEST Place to Buy Cheap, AWESOME Computers

Online Sellers: The BEST Place to Buy Cheap, AWESOME Computers

Posted by Big Brand on 5th Mar 2021

I see so many sellers on social media complaining that they can’t afford a new pc, so I am going to share a massive secret with you! Be sure to read this full post because I am going to tell you how to score even bigger discounts on top of massive discounts!

When you sell online, your entire life is a computer. Without one, you are utterly screwed… trust me, I know all about it! Over the past 15+ years I have burned through so many computers and laptops. Heck, I think I go through more computers than cell phones simply because I am on one for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week! So, here’s how to get the BEST EVER computers, DIRT CHEAP:

DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON. DO NOT BUY FROM CRAIGSLIST.  This may totally shock you, but the best place to buy from is ****BUT**** what you want to do, if you’re on a mega budget is look at the REFURBISHED computers - WAIT! Hear me out on this because it makes a ton of sense:

Walmart computers come with an automatic 90 day, no questions asked, return policy. So if you dislike it, just ship it back, FOR FREE.

But you can extend the return policy, which I will also explain in this article! 

ALSO, If you sign up for my fav cashback website, Mr.Rebates, MOST OF THE TIME you’ll get an ADDITIONAL discount from (NO, it is NOT a mail-in rebate! It’s a 100% free, totally legit cash back website with NO minimum cashout amount!) We can discuss this more in a minute. But first...


Visit and type “Computer” into the search box:

Next, scroll down, down, down the sidebar and keep scrolling, past all of this:

Keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling until you come to the section called “CONDITION”. Here you will see two choices, which are “New” or “Refurbished”:

Next, click on “Refurbished”. When you click this the page will automatically refresh. Now you can view all of the Refurbished listings. BUT before you start browsing these computers, change the “Sort” feature. The default setting is “Best Match”, which is basically Walmart trying to get you to purchase their highest profit items:

Since you want the best deal, click on the little arrow icon on the right side of “Best Match” and select “Price: Low to High”:

Now the computers and towers will re-sort based on price. You will be able to see individual towers in addition to complete computer systems, at rock bottom prices:

So, lets say I want to buy this entire computer system for only $122:

Not only do I get 3 months (90 days) to test it out, but I can also get Free Shipping because it is over $35 AND I can also use Mr. Rebates to USUALLY get 1-3% cash back (The reason I say “usually” is because sometimes Walmart pauses the ability for buyers to earn cash back through Mr. Rebates. Other times you earn 1%, 2%, 3% or even other mega discounts).

BUT, I absolutely encourage you to also add on A protection plan - but there’s actually TWO options even though there looks like only 1 option.

OPTION #1: The easiest way to add on protection is when you’re buying the pc, right in the listing for it. This option is insured by Walmart through AllState (the insurance company you see the stupid TV commericals for) The cost of the insurance will depend on the total cost of the unit. Some policies are like $20, and others are $59:

The best part, especially if you’re a stay-at-home parent, is that this policy totally covers KIDS:

Yes, this DOES mean that when your daughter knocks it over and it breaks, IT’S COVERED! Yes, this means when the Juicy Juice is spilled on it, IT’S COVERED! And this also means if you got a “lemon” it’s covered. This policy has been a GODSEND for me! Walmart has replaced 3 cameras, 1 pc and 1 laptop for me in the past 5 years! I spent approximately $290 total on insurance policies and it has saved me OVER $3,500!!!!

OPTION #2: Most people do not know that you can SKIP the Walmart / AllState insurance and instead opt for Walmart’s SquareTrade Policy, which is USUALLY cheaper but isn’t as good, in my opinion.

Here’s the main coverage benefits of the SquareTrade policy:

As you can see, SquareTrade does cover the basic “Lemon Law” type crap (mechanical failures, malfunctions, general problems) but it does not cover your son accidentally dumping his plate of Spaghettios onto it while Dabbing in the living room during the single moment you run to answer the door because FedEx has a parcel delivery. If you’ll notice, it says “NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR”, which means…. not your buddy falling onto it after too many Margaritas on Taco Tuesday. So this is where the AllState policy wins even though it is about $10 more… especially if you have kids… or friends who like to pound a case of Miller Lite on a weekend… or a crazy dog who thinks anything that fits in it’s mouth can be a chew toy.

ON THAT NOTE: I have also had SquareTrade replace a $400 camera for me. The process was much longer than the Walmart process. They want a lot of paperwork type junk. You have to spend time looking up information and filling out forms. When I mailed in my camera I had to contact them after 12 days of not hearing a peep. They assured me it was “getting fixed”. After another 5 days I had to contact them again, at which time they admitted they just started fixing it. I then ordered a new camera off Amazon…. And thank the Lord I did because I didn’t end up getting my camera back from SquareTrade for almost 1 month. Fast forward 3 months… the same camera is again acting up and I need to re-file the same SquareTrade claim, but I am elated that I even have this option because the camera was $400. If I had to buy it again, two additional times in the past 12 months, that would be $1,200 spent replacing this one item. Instead I paid $400 + $40 for SquareTrade = $440. AND, if SquareTrade can’t get it fixed they’ll send ya a brand new one. #Winning!

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