Online Sellers: The BEST Lint Rollers on Amazon

Online Sellers: The BEST Lint Rollers on Amazon

Posted by Big Brand on 20th Jul 2021

If you’re an online seller, a lint roller is a total must-have and no, those dollar store ones don’t work well! So we took the time to scour hundreds of listings to find the absolute BEST of the best to help you make your gorgeous inventory look perfect because we all know the better it looks, the better it sells!

When it comes to determining which is “Best”, we had to create some different categories; for example, the word “Best” can mean cheapest but it can also mean quality or even speed. So let’s begin:


If you want to lint roll fast AF, the Mammoth Lint Roller is by far the winner:

The reason the Mammoth is the best for this category is the massive size! Check out how much bigger The Mammoth is versus a standard lint roller:

This means the Mammoth is basically DOUBLE the size. The giant size allows you to lint roll with 1-or-2 swipes versus 4+! Time IS money and getting your lint rolling done as fast as possible gives you time to list more!


When it comes to looking at price you can’t just look at the overall price because the total cost doesn’t account for “cost per sheet”. For example, if you buy a lint roller from The Dollar Tree, although it’s only $1, it contains very few sheets (and the quality is what you would expect for $1). So instead we are going to look at the lowest price for a 5-star product.

SEREE Lint rollers come to $2.08 per roll / $0.02 per sheet

Which is a really good price, however the Covee roller is actually HALF THE PRICE!

The Covee Roller is $9.69 for 540 total sheets which equals $0.01 per piece (technicallly it's $0.017), so it is approximately a penny less per sheet than the SEREE Lint rollers.


Obviously we all love buying 5-star products because we assume we will love them as much as the other happy reviewers. Hands down the ScotchBrite XL Rollers:

The Scotch Brite roller has almost 100% 5-Star Reviews:

The Scotch Brite XL rollers aren’t the cheapest BUT the extra sticky sheets allow you to get more use out of each sheet. These rollers will run you around 25-cents per sheet.

Second place is the Gain Scented Lint Roller:

As you can see, customers really love this product as well! The advantage to this product is being able to “freshen up” items without needing to invest in additional products. Surprisingly, these really aren’t that expensive. Expect to pay around $0.05 - $0.06 per sheet.

Third place goes to the the Aeduqu StoreLint Roller Refill packs:

Although this product has ONLY 5-star reviews, we are giving it third place because it only has 32 total reviews. It is much easier to have a perfect score when there isn’t hundreds or thousands of feedbacks. 

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