Online Sellers: The 4 Reasons You Can NEVER Give Up

Online Sellers: The 4 Reasons You Can NEVER Give Up

Posted by Big Brand on 23rd Apr 2021

As I have said many times before, back when I started selling online (a little before 2005), my own family called me crazy, called my online selling "nonsense", and would continually point out “You can make more working a 9-5 job! You barely make ANYTHING! You're wasting your time! GO GET A REAL JOB!.... Yeah, it gets really hard to continually push forward when pretty much everyone around you keeps pointing out that you need to give up.

So here’s the 4 Reasons You are NEVER Going to Quit; no matter WHO tells you that what you’re doing is stupid.

REASON #1: You are doing this for a better life. It took me 7 YEARS (2,555 days) to be able to buy a new vehicle (I picked a 2010 H3 Hummer). It took me 12 YEARS (4,380 days) to be able to take 1 vacation. But, by the 14th YEAR (5,110 days) I had already begun traveling the world with my husband and two sons. Together we stayed in luxury suites, sailed on the finest cruises, dined at the fanciest restaurants, swam with dolphins, rented literal mansions (all paid for by online sales). Now we both drive brand new Mercedes. We now own stocks. Our kids have everything we never had. (By the way, even if you drive an $80,000 car, your 13 year old son still doesn’t want you top drop him off directly in front of his school because it still isn’t “cool” to be seen with your mom.) Currently, this summer, we are hiring a company to lay extravagant pavers in our back yard by a beautiful pond we installed last summer. If I can do it, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN TOO!!! Just think, in 6,000 more days you could also have everything you have ever dreamt of. All you have to do is work the next 6,000 days straight, 8 - 15 hours a day, no exceptions. If you break your ankle; crawl. If you have ammonia; work from bed. If you are having a terrible day; do a shot of vodka and get back to work. And, as I have said before, DELETE EVERY VIDEO GAME APP OFF YOUR PHONE. If you have time to Candy Crush, you have time to work. If you have time to scroll Facebook, you have time to work. I have been 500% more successful since giving up all “time wasters”. I can almost guarantee you that if you do all of this, you WILL become wealthy (most likely a millionaire) in only 10 years...with no college degree and no fancy resume. Heck, you can even have a criminal record from your past; because today is a new day. 

REASON #2: You are doing this because you are financially smart, and here’s why:

Let’s say I work for Ford Motor Company. Let’s say I make $16 an hour, working 40 hours a week. That equals $640 a week, before taxes. The catch is that I have to be at Ford, working 8 hours a day to get paid $640 / week. Maybe I will get a small raise annually. Maybe I can eventually move up in the company and get a higher-paid job. Maybe the company goes through hard times and I am laid off. Maybe my boss is a total dick and I despise my job. All I know is that if I work here for 30 years I can retire. This method of earning pay is straight-up trading time for money.

NOW, let’s compare that to an online seller: The online seller doesn’t really make any money for the first 5+ years because they are growing and reinvesting every cent. But, did you notice the keyword? “REINVESTING”: the online seller is trading their time for inventory.

This method of earning money is awesome because you are basically creating 3 revenue streams.

INVENTORY is worth money (inventory is an “asset”). As the online seller grows, the more inventory the seller purchases. In 10 years time, the online seller has amassed a wealth of sellable goods assets.

SALES: An online store is open 24 hours a day, so purchases can be made at any time, from any place. The purchases give the online seller profit. The profit is the sellers pay.

THE ACTUAL BUSINESS VALUE: As you grow your business, your company gains value. At this point in my life, I could indeed sell Big Brand Wholesale outright and retire off several million dollars…. I am 39 years old and could indeed never work another day in my life… but that sounds so boring! I didn’t put in 15 years of hard work to stop now! However, you COULD set a 15 year plan of building your business up then selling it; pay for your “forever house” in cash and retire, if that’s your goal.

REASON #3: Because you have already read my blog post Six Ways You Save Money by Working Online: $20,000 a YEAR so you already know that by simply working full time from home you will save $200,000 in only 10 years… that’s enough to buy a nice house in cash here in Michigan!  So not only are you building wealth in the three ways we discussed in Reason #2, but you are also saving massive amounts; and a penny saved really IS a penny earned!

REASON #4: This might not apply to everyone, but it’s the most important thing: Because you want to raise your children as a stay-at-home parent (or maybe you want to take care of a sick / dying parents or grandparent). If you’re like me; I have had my kids and I am done having kids. I have two beautiful sons. They are now almost 14 and 15 years old. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them, every day, while they were growing up. My parents are getting old and I want to make sure I am able to spend every moment with them when the time comes.

You only live once! Make every moment count!

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