Online Sellers: The 4 Best CHEAP Jewelry Cleaners on Amazon

Online Sellers: The 4 Best CHEAP Jewelry Cleaners on Amazon

Posted by Big Brand on 13th Jan 2022

If you love selling jewelry online, chances are you are going to eventually need to clean some pieces, especially if they are genuine silver or other metals that can tarnish, or simply get dirty.

To begin, if you’re new to online selling, check out our guide called How to Store Jewelry After You List It. If you read that blog post you will see how to prevent the need to clean most pieces in the future. With that being said, it doesn’t prevent the need to clean pieces that you received tarnished or dirty due to being liquidations, store returns or salvage. Additionally, a simple, quick clean can raise the price of the jewelry in the same way that washing a used car always makes it look better. 

Below is our top 4 picks for the best-of-the-best jewelry cleaners available on Amazon based on 2 main criteria; Ratings (and our personal experience) and cost.  Yes, there are indeed cheaper cleaners, but they have bad reviews.  Yes, there are more expensive cleaners but the cost does not appear to be justified when you can instead purchase these items and save money.  


1. Diamond Dazzle Stick - My personal favorite that I 100% swear by is the Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stick.

As you can see from the image above, I last purchased this set of three in 2019. It is currently 2022 and I still have 1 ½ left! This particular cleaner is phenomenal because the tip is a little brush, kind of like a paint brush. The brush is soft enough not to cause any form of damage but firm enough that you can really jam it into the tiniest crevices. Additionally, the way this works is you twist the back of the product and it produces a thick, non-runny gel. All you do is put the gel on it then rinse. No mess. Super quick. Jewelry looks brand-spanking-new. It makes my wedding ring look as good as it did in 2004!  You can buy the Diamond Dazzle Stick on Amazon; the GREAT NEWS is that Diamond Dazzle now offers single sticks and it's about $7 for one stick or under $24 for three sticks, so it's now actually more cost effective to purchase three single sticks for $21 than to buy the three-pack for $23.   With that being said, if you have a lot of jewelry to clean, this particular product is not what you’re looking for. Instead go for one of these options:

2. Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner - This is one of the top rated products of all time.

If you poke around Amazon you can find this for under $5. It is a great product because you can clean multiple things at one time. This particular cleaner works on most metals. The process is listed as “only 30 SECONDS” and is basically dunking, light scrub, dunk, done. The design of the packaging is so your fingers don’t get all wet; mess-free:

The main listing for this product on Amazon has approximately 30,000 reviews and 90% rate this product at 4 or 5 stars, which is really impressive!  Check out this jewelry cleaner on Amazon

3. Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner - This is a fascinating $39 product that I absolutely would invest in, if I still sold individual items.

The reason a reseller should be interested in this specific product is because you can clean in bulk, as opposed to cleaning a couple items at a time. The Ultrasonic cleaning machine works with more than just jewelry; use it for coins, keychains, eye glasses, dentures, razor blades, utensils and so much more. The only downside of this particular cleaner is that it will NOT clean tarnished sterling silver and also should not be used on pearls in addition to a handful of additional items. Here’s the list of what it works and doesn’t work on:

If it is hard to view the image above you can see it in the Ultrasonic listing on Amazon.

There are other listings on Amazon for similar Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, however this one has the best ratings AND is the most cost effective!

4. Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaning Cloth - If you are looking to make your genuine silver look like a million buck AND stay that way so you can eliminate a second go-around with cleaning, this absolutely is the solution because this cloth not only cleans, but also applies a special anti-tarnish barrier to the item. An anti-tarnish “treatment” is definitely a selling point for your product listing!

The Jewelry Cleaning Cloth is a two-step system that consists of first gently rubbing your jewelry with the inner lighter cloth to remove dirt and tarnish while adding the Anti-Tarnish shield. The second step is to use the darker colored cloth to polish the item so it glistens like never before. Again, make sure you let your prospective buyers know that this treatment has been performed because it is valuable!

The jewelry cleaning cloth is around $8 (or a two-pack for $12.99) and the results are pretty remarkable (before and after pics):

You can use this cloth for years, depending on how much jewelry you clean. Obviously if you clean a hundred pieces per day it is not going to last as long as it would for someone who cleans 20 pieces per week.

I wanted to leave you with one final note; if you have real silver jewelry that is damaged beyond being able to sell it or for some reason you can't clean it, KEEP IT!  Grab yourself a safe and start stashing those pieces away (you can grab a safe for as little as $25 on Amazon).  Genuine metals gain in value as time goes on.  NEVER throw them away! 

Check out the Jewelry Cleaning Cloth on Amazon or check out all of our other guides about Cleaning, Hiding Stains, Fixing and Reselling Store Returns 

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