Online Sellers: Is the "Get Paid to Review Music" Site Worth Your Time?

Online Sellers: Is the "Get Paid to Review Music" Site Worth Your Time?

Posted by Big Brand on 3rd Jan 2021

When we heard about this company offering pay to give opinions on new products, music, voiceovers and more we wanted to put it to the test.  Here's our earnings:

If you have ever tried getting paid to take surveys or getting paid to read emails, you likely have discovered that there isn't much excitement, so when we came across this company who is offering to pay people to give feedback on new product designs, unsigned / independent artists music and more, it sounded like a really good potential source of revenue for online sellers who are going through rough times due to slow sales.  So we dug in deep for you: 

First off, yes, is 100% legit, meaning it’s a fully secure website and they do actually pay for you to review products on their site; basically, you are telling aspiring musicians and product designers if they have what it takes to “make it big”.


You create a free account and you can immediately start reviewing by selecting which category you want to review:

“Audio Branding” is like little sound clips, voiceovers and noises.

“Mobile” is assorted technology products.

“Music” is songs from new artists, which pays the least.

When you pick what you want to review you will be asked a couple questions. For example, if you click “Mobile” you have to pick what type of phone you have because they only want to show you products applicable to your device. If you click “Audio Branding” you state some basic details about your job and salary so they can match you with sounds that fit your profile.

When I clicked Audio I was given a sound clip that was only a few notes to listen to. It reminded me of a cell phone Notification sound. The sound was only about 2-seconds long and it repeated three times with a pause in between:

Next you simply give your opinion by writing a review that is about three sentences then answering some “Scale of 1-to-10” questions:

Then you get paid.


Nobody is ever going to get rich or retire off this pay. I wouldn’t even call this “supplemental income” or even a “job”. My pay for my very first review was only $0.06:

I then did this a few more times and received the same rate of 6-cents each time. I decided to switch to the Mobile category, which I found to be much more interesting. They show you photos of product designs and you rate them:

The pay for this category was much higher and came in at 17-cents per review.

I did three or four in a row then decided to try the “Lucky” review category. It gave me music to listen to. The song was actually really good… like seriously great. One major downside is that you CAN NOT CHANGE SCREENS DURING THE SONG. Which means you cannot multi-task and list your Poshmark items while you listen (unless you have 2 computers or an extra chromebook, etc). Every time I tried to change screens the song would stop. So if I had any recommendation for you, I would suggest, if you want to do the music category, run SliceThePie off your cell phone or whatever so you can work while you listen.

Additionally, you MUST listen to 90 seconds or more of the song. I understand the reason for this; you can’t give honest advice on something you won’t even give a shot.

To my disappointment, even though the Music Category took the longest to review, the pay was the least…. Only 1 penny!


Since the highest paid category, for me at least, has been “Mobile” I decided to time myself to see how long it takes to look at the product photo, leave a legit, honest review, fill out the couple quick questions and click “submit”. The end result, using a stopwatch app, was 1 minute and 8 seconds. The pay was another $0.17 cents.

So, if I was able to continue this pace I would potentially be able to make $10.20 per hour, but there are variables:

1. The pay could change to a higher, or lower amount.

2. I am a very, very fast typer. If you are a slow typer it may take you 2 - 3 minutes to leave a review which would decrease your pay per hour by 50% or more.

3. Tedious: it’s very repetitive and you have to continue to produce QUALITY reviews. If you type nonsense or copy+paste junk reviews you will be banned. The quality of the review they are seeking must be THOUGHTFUL. You cannot just type “nice” and get paid.  My point is, if you are not a decent writer because you have little experience with reviews, terrible spelling, have to ponder how to describe your thoughts or if you have no experience with reviewing you likely are going to invest time into this for nothing. 


Minimum pay is $10. I took approximately 7 reviews and made $0.81:

In theory, if I was able to focus only on the reviews that pay $0.17 each (or more) I would be able to reach cashout after reviewing 59 items (or less). Again, there are the same variables as mentioned above.

The other way to earn through SliceThePie is to utilize their referral program, however there is a small catch; in order to receive any compensation for referrals, your referrals has to reach $10 in earnings and cashout and I have no idea what percentage of people actually reach cashout.

Additionally, there are a lot of rumors that if you leave multiple bad reviews the pay-per-review drops. Many, many people claim this is true. I totally understand that there is no value in someone spamming dislikes on the platform (then collecting pay to be a total d*ck), but I equally do not understand the value in only leaving 5-stars. I did some digging and these claims seem to be bogus. In fact, according to SliceThePie they will lock your account if you only leave perfect reviews. Essentially, just leave honest reviews.

Also, there are some claims that when you reach the $9 mark of earnings the available content for you to review becomes less and less, thus making it harder and harder to reach $10. I genuinely cannot find actual evidence of this. In fact, what I did find evidence of was the opposite; the more wholesale reviews you leave the higher the payout per review because you are more valuable as a whole. So it appears that if you really TRY you will reach cashout much faster than someone who is racing to hit $10. 


If you want to give this a shot you can click here to join.  Yes, it really is 100% free with no catch. 

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