Online Sellers: How to Store and Ship SHOES WITHOUT BOXES

Online Sellers: How to Store and Ship SHOES WITHOUT BOXES

Posted by Big Brand on 7th Jul 2020

If you ordered liquidations or store returns and the shoe box is missing completely or damaged you are probably trying to figure out how you can replace the shoe box, mainly for protecting and shipping the shoes. The good news is that you have many options! 

First we will review Replacement Options, then we will discuss Shipping Options without a Box.  Let's get started!


These are GREAT and you get 20 boxes (with lids!) for under $2 per box (with Free Shipping on Amazon Prime). TIP: On Amazon, see if any “Used” listings are available! By purchasing the “Used” listing you are saving over 20%:

I have bought TONS of “Used” listings and they are usually brand new. Sometimes the exterior packaging is ripped or missing, but who cares?


The dust covers shown above are almost 20” x 20”! Since they’re designed to hold purses, they absolutely will hold most BIG sizes of boots and XL shoes. You can get this great 10 pack off Amazon for under $27. Your buyers will be impressed with the “Clear Window” design that allows them (and you!) to see which shoes are inside the bag without opening it.

If you are trying to protect smaller size shoes (not boots) there’s also smaller size Dust Covers that still hold size 12-in-Mens shoes. These are only $9.99 on Amazon for 10 pieces:

For smaller items, why not opt for a plastic storage bag? Hefty has BIG 2.5 gallon zip-top, quality bags that are only $3.99 for 12 bags:

For a slightly smaller bag at an even lower price, Spartan makes 2-gallon bags (15”x13”) for about 10-cents each or 15x12” bags for under a dime per piece:

For small items, like flip-flop sandals you can likely use a pretty small bag.

If you don’t like the clear bag idea, you can get really cool “DRAWSTRING BAGS” for around $1 - $1.30 per piece:


If you are only looking for a way to ship the shoes when a box isn’t present you can quite simply wrap them each in the plastic wrap (so they don’t rub against eachother and scuff), then wrap around both shoes to create one, solid unit. Lastly, bubble wrap around them. Boom, done! If you need plastic wrap, Amazon has a 4-Pack of Glad brand for under $12:

And, this specific listing of bubble wrap will allow you to ship approximately 30-33 pairs of womens shoes for under $13:

TIP: Make sure you get Bubble Wrap that says “Perforated Every 12” because if you have to cut your bubble wrap, not only is it a pain in the ass but you will also use MORE than what is needed due to waste! 

MEGA TIPS: When you bubble wrap the shoes, your goal is to create a "football" (that's how we teach our warehouse staff to pack merch that doesn't have a box.  We literally say "That needs to be footballed" when referring to items that need this style of packaging).  If the item is not tight, like a football, and if the item can not be thrown (without breaking) like a football, then it's not packed well enough.  If your "shoe football" is loose and shoes are sliding all over, open the bubble wrap back up and plastic wrap the shoes together better.  The shoes should be a solid unit BEFORE you bubble wrap around them.  It might help to tape the bubble wrap down as you go. 

When your shoes are properly wrapped you should be able to launch a 15-yard-pass without them breaking. If you can safely throw it 15 yards, so can the mail carrier. 

Once they are packed perfectly, you can follow our directions for shipping them Cheapest without compromising quality of transit. 

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