Online Sellers: How to DROP SHIP Your Own Clothing Line ($0 Cost!)

Online Sellers: How to DROP SHIP Your Own Clothing Line ($0 Cost!)

Posted by Big Brand on 19th May 2021

Whether you have always dreamed of owning a custom clothing line or whether you just want to add some extra stock to your listings, Tee Spring is a company to consider.

Tee Spring (owned by has a little under 300 different products you can customize

You can quickly and easily create a free account by logging in with Google, Facebook or ther other options offered or you can sign up the old school way by typing your email and other info.

After you sign up you will have access to everything you need.

When you login to your dashboard you will see a section called Shortcuts. This gives you fast access to creating products.

Tee Spring has a seriously amazing assortment of mens, womens and kids tees (<---and this is coming from a 16+ year old wholesale company!).

But their stock isn’t limited to just shirts, they also have everything from sweatpants and joggers to home decor, pet supplies, accessories and more.

I’ll be honest with you, I am really blown away by the massive selection. Additionally, as a wholesaler I am aware of most of the brands they carry and they are good brands that we also sell in bulk.

Once you pick the product you want to design, whether it’s a traditional tee or a notebook or anything in between, you simply click on it to open up the design wizard. Then you just go through the steps of designing:

Once your shirt is designed you can begin selling it on pretty much any platform, in the exact same way you would sell anything else on that platform.

Pricing your merchandise should be a no-brainer. If the Tee costs $15 you will need to price it higher to make a little profit and cover whatever costs are associated with listing / closing / credit card processing. Keep in mind, you don’t need to mark it up as high as other items because Tee Spring does all the work for you; they print it, they pack it, they ship it… and, obviously, they cover the cost of the inventory too! So selling a $15 for $24.99 is likely plenty of profit being that you have little to do. Heck, you don’t even have to take photos of it!

If you already have an image you can simply upload it and you’re done.

With partners all over the world you can sell your designs world wide without any worry of having to cancel orders:

So, if you want to give custom clothing a shot but you don’t want to go through all of the headache of buying clothes, screenprinting, etc, Tee Spring is absolutely the best way to dip your toe into the industry without any investment whatsoever! Plus, if allows you to offer a ton of merchandise on your site that you don’t even have to buy - just make sure your buyers know the item is custom printed and won’t ship for around a week. 

Want more info? You can read this incredible interview Katie Couric recently did with Eileen Fisher.


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