Online Sellers: eBay MAJOR Changes to Listing Search Results + Sell Similar Mandate

Online Sellers: eBay MAJOR Changes to Listing Search Results + Sell Similar Mandate

Posted by Big Brand on 17th Nov 2021

If you're an eBay seller in November 2021 and you don't follow along with online seller news, you may be wondering why your sales tanked.  In this case, it likely ISN'T YOU!  Instead it's massive changes to eBay.  

This first video is not the "meat" of this blog post.  Instead, this is how the insanity began on October 13, 2021.  After you watch this video I will share the updates with you, so you can be sure to make your eBay listings succeed with the new, now-known algorithm updates:

PART 2:  Now that you know the frustration sellers like you have been experiencing, here is what you need to know about preventing your listings from being completely buried in search results.  Watch this video then keep reading: 

PART 2:  How to BULK "Sell Similar" Listings:  Ok, so you already know that eBay is doing this whole "Sell Similar" gig, so if you're wondering how on earth you can accomplish this, here's info for ya:

PART 4:  UPDATE - Here is a video that was uploaded to the Auction Professor YouTube Channel that I absolutely encourage you to watch if you are an eBay seller OR any online seller.  

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