ONLINE SELLERS: 7 AMAZING "Thank You For Your Purchase" Stickers on Amazon

ONLINE SELLERS: 7 AMAZING "Thank You For Your Purchase" Stickers on Amazon

Posted by Big Brand on 1st Sep 2020

I am so totally STOKED about these seriously awesome new Thank You For Your Purchase stickers on Amazon. First I’ll show ya the ones we bought then I’ll show you some other styles that are equally fantastic.

So here’s what I picked out for our parcels:

Gorgeous Patriotic Thank You Stickers - 500 for under $6 (shipping is free)

This is one of my favs. It’s a bit more expensive but they have foil graphics. 500pc for under $13

Here’s another that I simply fell in love with. Nice, big 2x2” stickers with gorgeous hologram foil:

If you’re looking for variety, this is a great roll because it has 6 different styles, 500 stickers for under $13:

We didn’t buy this one but it’s a great deal - 1,000 stickers for under $15! Thats DOUBLE the amount of the other listings for a couple bucks more

If you just want a sticker but don’t need anything special, here’s one of the best deals - 1,000 stickers for about $7!!! (or get 2,000 pieces for $11.29!)

And lastly, this is ADORABLE!!!!!!  Big 2-inch stickers with 2-color print! 500 pieces for under $14:

If you don't like the stickers in this blog post, theres about 100 other styles on Amazon!

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