Online Sellers: 6 DIY Crafts for Single Winter Gloves

Online Sellers: 6 DIY Crafts for Single Winter Gloves

Posted by Big Brand on 15th Jul 2021

If you read our last post you already know single socks have an absolute lot of uses for Online Sellers as well as crafters! However what do you do with a single glove? Here's a couple awesome ideas!

You can click on any of the photos and you will be redirected to the website that shows step-by-step project instructions:

1. The Glove Monster

Heres another style of adorable glove monster:

2.  Glove and Sock Turtle - This DIY craft will also require one stray sock:

3.  ADORABLE Squirrel!

4. Depending on the style of glove, you may be able to make a DIY Sanding Glove!

5. The Glove Octopus is one of my fav’s of all time:

6. But Sophies World Video on YouTube really takes the cake when it comes to ADORABLE single glove Stuffed Animal projects!!

If you need to buy some basic supplies for sewing, you absolutely cant beat the deal on the  Sewing Kits on Amazon! They come with EVERYTHING! These kits are incredible:

The kit shown above is under $9. The kit shown below is around $13:

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