Online Sellers: 50+ Home Goods Brands Amazon will NOT UNGATE

Online Sellers: 50+ Home Goods Brands Amazon will NOT UNGATE

Posted by Big Brand on 20th Oct 2020

If you're trying to decide what liquidations to buy so you can sell them on Amazon you must read this article first! Here's over 50 brands of Home Goods that Amazon currently will NOT Ungate new sellers in:

  1. Amco
  2. Avalon Bay
  3. Belkin
  4. Bentology
  5. Big Mouth Mugs
  6. Black & Decker
  7. Bogzon
  8. Breville
  9. Calphalon
  10. Char-Broil
  11. Cuisinart
  12. Cupture
  13. Dewalt ($1000 fee)
  14. Dyson
  15. Farberware
  16. Fred & Friends
  17. Hamilton Beach
  18. Harley-Davidson
  19. Honeywell
  20. Joseph Joseph
  21. Keku
  22. Keurig ($1,000 Fee)
  23. Kilner
  24. KitchenAid
  25. Lasko
  26. Le Creuset
  27. LED Lenser
  28. Lodge
  29. New Metro Design
  30. Norpro
  31. Oxo Good Grips ($1000 Fee)
  32. Palais Glassware
  33. Plow & Hearth
  34. Proctor Silex
  35. Progressive
  36. Pyrex
  37. Qooltek
  38. Richards Homewares
  39. Roommates
  40. Rtic
  41. S'ip by Swell
  42. Simplehuman
  43. Spark Innovators
  44. Stanley
  45. TCP
  46. Tide
  47. Weber
  48. Wilton
  49. Work Sharp
  50. Wusthof
  51. Yankee Candle
  52. Yumco

*Note: Amazon may change their rules at any time. It is always possible that on the day you read this post there could be even more brands that are no longer allowed. It is also possible that Amazon could change their policies and begin allowing some of the brands on this list. However, at the time of writing this blog post the information contained within is accurate to the best of our knowledge

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