Online Sellers: 20+Food & Grocery RESTRICTED Brands Amazon will NOT UNGATE

Online Sellers: 20+Food & Grocery RESTRICTED Brands Amazon will NOT UNGATE

Posted by Big Brand on 24th Oct 2020

If you're trying to decide what liquidations to buy so you can sell them on Amazon you must read this article first! Here's over 20 brands of food and groceries that Amazon currently will NOT Ungate new sellers in:

  1. Blue Diamond Almonds
  2. Green Mountain Coffee
  3. Hamburger Helper
  4. Healthworks
  5. Heinz
  6. Jif
  7. Kind Bars
  8. Lipton
  9. Nabisco
  10. Nature Valley
  11. Nestle
  12. Newman's Own
  13. Peet's Coffee
  14. Pepperidge Farm
  15. Pillsbury
  16. Planters Nuts
  17. Quaker
  18. Quest Bars
  19. Ritz Crackers
  20. Smuckers
  21. Snyder's
  22. Starbucks

*Note: Amazon may change their rules at any time. It is always possible that on the day you read this post there could be even more brands that are no longer allowed. It is also possible that Amazon could change their policies and begin allowing some of the brands on this list. However, at the time of writing this blog post the information contained within is accurate to the best of our knowledge

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