Online Sellers: 10 Ways to Refresh Listing without Redoing It

Online Sellers: 10 Ways to Refresh Listing without Redoing It

Posted by Big Brand on 10th Dec 2021

So, your amazing paper mache vase isn't selling and you are dreading redoing the whole listing.  Have no fear! Here's your options:

1. Change Photo Order - If you have more than 1 image, simply switch the order!  This is a super simple way to attract new eyeballs on an old, stale listing.  Additionally, you can inspire a watcher to click the Buy Button when they see the "new" pic.

2. Price Change - Raise the price a buck to make watchers think "Omg, the price is going up! I better buy it before it raises more!" or lower the price a buck to make people think "Omg, I can FINALLY buy it and save!".  Either way, listing movement is a simple way to refresh it with basically no effort. TIP:  This is just my personal opinion, but if you're going to alter the price, don't change it for under $1.  A 15-cent increase / decrease is not enough to make anyone excited. In fact, it's just weird, especially if they get an email that says "PRICE DECREASE! The paper mache pot you were watching is on sale! It went from $19.99 to $19.75! - stupid.

3. Quick contrast photo adjustment. 

You might not realize how big of a difference this makes, but look at the two contrast adjustments below against the original image:

You might not really realize the difference, but take another look at the top of the vase:

You will likely now notice that the original photo, on the left, looks blurry after the adjustment whereas the photo on the right really shows the "paper mache" texture.  You will notice an even larger difference in the images below:

The photo on the left now looks VERY blurry, the photo in the center looks much more clear and the photo on the right really shows the contrast of the bright purple versus red versus yellow and other poppy colors.  

4. Add a prop.  You can change the entire look of the item and also help your buyer judge size by adding a simple prop.  In the photo below a simple table top was used.  

Props, such as tables, can also help your buyer imagine the item in their room or on their shelf.   When a buyer begins to think about what the item would look like in their possession, you are one step closer to sealing the deal!

5. A background.  Adding a background can really change the look and vibe of the item.   Check out the original photo versus the blue background as well as the original versus the jet black backdrop: 


6. If you want to get the buyer to think of a scene you can insert a background into the image that fits the vision you want to create in the buyers mind.  Lets say this paper mache pot is "100% all natural, hand painted", I could add a nature backdrop:

7.  Highlight Details.  If you want the buyer to focus on specific details you can enlarge a segment to direct their eye to it:

8.  You can also opt to show multiple details in one image.  In the photo below you can see the full vase in addition to an up-close of the paper mache texture as well as a zoomed-in "detail" image:

9.  If you offer this item in 3 different colors you can advertise all three in one image, thus enticing buyers who might like the main image but even-more-prefer the green theme or really love the blue theme variation.  

10.  Add text.  If your item is special, such as this paper mache vase, you can add the important detail to the product image to sell it:

Best of all, I did not retake any of these photos.  I used PicMonkey to quickly and easily adjust all of the image settings in addition to adding, removing and altering backgrounds, colors and props.  

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