How to Write the PERFECT Product Listing Title - eCommerce

How to Write the PERFECT Product Listing Title - eCommerce

Posted by Big Brand on 13th Aug 2020

As I have said before, the #1 most important thing is your photo. If someone likes the photo they look at the title and price. So making sure your title is fire is also important!

First, let’s go over the stuff you likely already know:

Use the characters! If you have 100 letters you can type, why waste them when there’s important details?

Important things your title should include (if you’re selling by the piece)

  • Brand
  • Gender
  • Size
  • Color
  • What it IS (sweatshirt, tank top, etc)
  • Other Details, such as “loose fit”, “oversized”, “tunic”, a model number/ part number if needed, etc

If you can still add more info to the title, other valuable details include:

  • Limited Edition / Discontinued / Rare
  • Material (100% Pima Cotton, Silk, Cashmere, etc)

Now let’s get into stuff you probably didn’t know:


Be sure to consider that, with search engines, your title WILL be shortened to only the first 15 total characters when it appears in search results, so you MUST also convey exactly what the item is right out the gate. Let me explain more. Let’s say I am looking for a new C02 system for my aquarium. I type into google “Aquarium Complete C02 System” and this is what I see:

Did you notice how the title stops after only a couple words?:

So, the issue is that, if someone doesn’t know what the heck “ADA C02 System 74” means, they will likely skip this listing:

And instead click on a listing with a title that is easier to comprehend. The point is, those first 15 characters mean EVERYTHING to your listing! Now let’s look at what exactly 15 characters means:

“Beautiful Wonderf”

…. That’s it. That was 15 characters! Do you think someone is going to click on a listing that all they can see is “Beautiful Wonderf”??? Beautiful Wonderf means nothing. If the person would have taken the time to click on the listing to see the full title they would realize it says “Beautiful Wonderful Womens Blouse Size 9 in Red”.... but since someone didn’t know about THE FIRST 15” they are losing sales without even realizing it!


Always arrange your title with the most important details first! Google suggests to create titles in this order: Brand + Gender + Product Type + Attributes (Color, Size, Material, etc)

So, let’s say your item is a pair of size 7 rhinestone Pacific Sunwear brand black ladies sandals, let’s look at this title with THE FIRST 15 in several different ways (the purple text represents the first 15 characters):

PACSUN Womens Gemstone Sandals Black Size 7

PACSUN Gem Sandals Black Size 7

PACSUN Bling Sandals Black Size 7

PACSUN Gem Flats Sandals Black Size 7

PACSUN Sandals Gemstone Black Size 7

PACSUN Flat Sandals Gems Black Size 7

PACSUN Flip Flop Sandals Black Size 7 Gemstone

PACSUN Thong Sandals Black Gemstone Size 7

So, if ya look at those title variations above, as you will notice, most of them don't work at all for THE FIRST 15.


Search Engines (and people) do not read spare words (also known as “stop words” or "junk words"). These words include: 

  • of
  • is
  • to
  • for
  • into
  • for
  • it’s
  • as well as repetitive words

These are all words that belong in a Description but not in a title.  Here's a couple examples for you:

Coffee Filter for Keurig when used with Ground Coffee (6 Words = 53 characters)

Instead, your title should be:  "Keurig Ground Coffee Filter" (4 Words = 27 Characters)

Womens Red Color ADIDAS brand Headband Set for Jogging or the Gym (12 Words = 65 Characters!)

Instead, your title can be: "ADIDAS Womens Active Headband Set Red" (6 Words = 37 Characters)

The only real "trick" here is just learning to rephrase your titles to "get to the point" as crisply and clearly as possible.

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