How to Tell USPS Where to Leave a Parcel (Add Delivery Instructions to Order)

How to Tell USPS Where to Leave a Parcel (Add Delivery Instructions to Order)

Posted by Big Brand on 22nd Dec 2020

If you would like your order placed in a certain spot; whether this is on the side of the house, in your back yard or even inside a lockbox on your deck here’s how to make it to happen:

Most people assume that telling the business they made the purchase through “Tell the carrier to put the package inside of my front door” will end up with the parcel left inside of the front door, however this is not true. The business you make the purchase through has no way to designate where the carrier puts your order. HOWEVER, YOU can let USPS know where you want your merchandise set! All you have to do is sign up for USPS Delivery Instructions. Not only are Delivery Instructions FREE (mostly! but keep reading) but they also eliminate confusion between you and the company you placed the order through.

According to “Once you set up Instructions electronically, items can be left at a specific location at your address, your Post Office, or even at a different domestic address…. you can even upgrade the mail class and/or add Extra Services”


Before you register for Delivery Instructions, make sure you are eligible to sign up. There’s only a few types of addresses that are NOT able to specify delivery:

  • International mail items (If your USPS items are from a different country)
  • military address
  • Shipments with Collect on Delivery service
  • Active “Hold Mail” request (if you are having your mail Held at your local post office, you will not be able to use USPS Delivery Instructions
  • The address has a Temporary Forwarding service

So, IF you qualify, here’s exactly how to sign up: on, look up the Tracking Number then Click on “Delivery Instructions”:

  1. The system will ask you to login to your account (you can set one up at that time, if you don’t already have one).
  2. Follow the prompts to see if your address is eligible and to then specify instructions for delivery.

If this is confusing, USPS also offers a Help Guide.

Here's the LOCATIONS you can select to have your merchandise left at:

  • Front Door
  • Back Door
  • Side Door
  • In/At Mailbox
  • On the Porch
  • Neighbor (however you need to know their exact address)
  • Garage
  • Other 


Most of these services are FREE, such as:

  • Delivery (redelivery) to a specific location at your address.
  • Delivery to a neighbor’s home. (MUST be on the same carrier route).
  • Hold for Pickup at your post office (your ZIP Code).

However some of these services do incur charges, for example:

  • Directing mail item delivery to a different domestic address (outside your carrier’s route/ZIP Code) – Pay the additional postage.
  • Hold for Pick up at a different Post Office (different ZIP Code) – Pay the additional postage.
  • Upgrading mail service to Priority Mail® or Priority Mail Express® - Pay the upgrade fee.
  • Adding Extra Services (when eligible) – Pay the Extra Service fee.

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