How to Make Your eCommerce Office AWESOME for Cheap! 20+ Deals to Pimp Your Workspace

How to Make Your eCommerce Office AWESOME for Cheap! 20+ Deals to Pimp Your Workspace

Posted by Big Brand Wholesale on 23rd Mar 2020

We are going to divide the new badass office design into three categories:  Wall, Decor and Desk.  Wall will be the actual wall itself.  Decor is what is on the walls and Desk is decorating your actual desk. Let's begin!

Walls are a huge deal!  Personally, I am a massive fan of REMOVABLE wall murals.  These are fantastic, even if you rent your space!  

I love murals so much that I have TONS.  Here's some my mural purchases:

As you can see from looking at my purchases, the Amazon seller "Wall 26" is my fav.  I have also purchased "removable wood stickers" which is basically the same thing and looks amazing if you want to create a wood wall look.  I have this one in my family room:

And this one in my kitchen:

There are also  fake window wall murals

Floating Shelves - $26 for all three!

Even cheaper floating shelves - Only $19.99 for the pair

If you are horrible at hanging shelves or if you just despise hanging shelves, I just learned about this AMAZING new product:

These are  MEGA STRONG adhesive hooks that DO NOT FALL OFF the wall like the competitor brands do!  I am using these to hang LIGHTS over my fish tank and I can tell you, these are the best product EVER! You get 24 in a pack for under $8!

you can use these to hang a $26 Three-Tier shelf:

a totally amazing plug-in light; since it plugs in you don't need to wire it! (I also own this - $25):

Or a great  hanging round shelf, under $20.  Look how cool it is!

Flameless Candles - 9 pack for under $24

If you don't wan't to do a mural you can get motivational wall decor.  The next two are both under $20 on Amazon:

Or you can go with a less contemporary, more rustic design (4" box, only $9.99):

And grab some  rustic wall sconces (under $20 for both!):

I legit LOVE this little plant trio.  I bought my son a similar set that had cork pots but this $26 motivational rose gold set is even nicer:

If you get the rose gold artificial plants above you can score an awesome office organizer set for $24:

This next item is really cool. You can totally change the look of your desk with one of these fantastic DOUBLE SIDED leather pads that are also mouse pads!  I have never seen these before and I want one soooo bad!  Each pad has one color on one side then flip it over for a different color.  There are 5 or 6 different colors available too!  Only $17 when on sale on Amazon:

There is also a  $16 version of the desk pad if you want a more colorful, poppy design:

If you don't have much money to spend you can purchase the desk mat shown above and grab a  matching pc chair cover for under $17. These come in a ton of different colors and patterns. Look how gorgeous these are:

Here's another product I own and LOVE! This is a seriously  adorable piece of pineapple decor. I bought the yellow-bottom version because it's in my beachy bathroom but I would love to make a rose gold office and put this cutie in it:

Here's another must-have; the color-change oil diffuser humidifier. These are $26 or less on Amazon. Make sure you buy my fav oils too!  I have the older-model square version of this product.  The new models, like this one are so much nicer!

These are the exact oils I buy for my fragrance humidifier.  Theyre AMAZING and the whole set is only $9.99!.  My fav are Snickerdoodle and Brown Sugar:

If you love water as much as I do, some flowing water is a must. We have 1 fountain in our living room, 1 in my bedroom and two in our back yard. Here's a couple mega-deal fountains under $40 each:

This beauty is 5-stars and only $36

Or you can go with an illuminated option:

Another great way to change the look of your work area is to buy a rug. Just adding a rug creates a new "space" without painting or drilling! Since your pc chair has to roll you want to avoid thick / shag materials and aim for rugs like these ("Low Pile" is the name of the not-thick rugs). I have this rug in my entryway and it hides dirt SO WELL!! The 3x5' version is usually on sale on Amazon for about $36 (full price is $180!)!

This one is equally amazing. I do not own this rug but I think it's so pretty! TIP: If you buy the "Used" rugs off Amazon you can get an additional HUGE discount!

This beauty is under $33!

Lastly, metal wall art is mega cool! If you want to spend under $100 on your desk-area remodel and you don't want a mural, get a new rug, the desk mat and a cool piece of metal wall art. Here's a couple metal pieces that are under $30:

This one is 31" wide and only $26!

Here's a smaller TWO PIECE set for around $11!

If you want to go tropical, like I did, here's  a new product that would look awesome! Metal pineapple wall art! This guy is almost 14" tall and only $11!!!  Also available in solid black and rustic:

Great LIVE LOVE LAUGH 3-piece metal wall art set, only $11.99!

And finally, if nature is your happy place, this BIG 21 x 20" Nature theme metal wall art is a winner for under $24!:

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