How to Determine Authenticity of a Purse Currently LISTED ON EBAY?

How to Determine Authenticity of a Purse Currently LISTED ON EBAY?

Posted by Big Brand on 4th Feb 2021

So you want to buy the bag of your dreams and you finally found it listed on eBay. The auction has only 3 days left and your “bid finger” wants to click so bad… but you don’t want to end up with an expensive piece of China knockoff, so here’s how to get CERTIFICATION BEFORE YOU BUY!

The other day I told you about, which is a totally amazing company that provides certification for pretty much any big brand ranging from Tory Burch to Tumi to Yeezy, Prada and everything in between. This service is for an item you have in your hand. But they also offer Certification for items currently listed ON eBay on their site This service is called “RealCheck”.


For only $20 you can get Certification on any purse listing on eBay in 24-48 hours. All you need is the eBay Item Number, which is available in every eBay listing.

All you do is provide the item number, seller ID and the link to the listing then pay then wait while they take a good look at the item. If the item is authentic you have the opportunity to order the certification paperwork. If it’s deemed counterfeit, you just saved yourself a lot of money and headache. If the rare occasion occurs where RealAuthentication can’t determine if it’s a real bag or not, they refund you in full!

If you’re interested in getting RealCheck done on an eBay listing, you can go here: . It takes under 5 minutes to fill out the simple form.

If you have already purchased the merchandise, you instead want to read our article Online Sellers: How to PROVE a Designer Item is Authentic via CERTIFICATION

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