Famous Name Retailers Facing Bankruptcy - YIKES!

Famous Name Retailers Facing Bankruptcy - YIKES!

Posted by Big Brand on 20th Dec 2022

If you're an online seller, hopefully you are following along with the economy seeming to collapse over the past 2 years, but specifically the past year.

In the past 12 months almost 200 factories / distribution centers have burned to the ground.  This substantially impacts the supply chain but also prices (inflation).  Now we are seeing oil refineries go up in flames. 

Due to the utter instability of the past 2 years, many businesses have already closed and many are on the verge of bankruptcy.  A few weeks ago we reported on Rebecca Taylor stores closing forever.  It appears that the brand Rebecca Taylor will not continue to be produced.  :(  Here's 18 more businesses that are in serious trouble, and several of these will impact online sellers: 

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