Are Online Buyers Really More Crazy During a Full Moon?

Are Online Buyers Really More Crazy During a Full Moon?

Posted by Big Brand on 29th Aug 2021

I don’t know about you, but here at BigBrandWholesale we realized there are random days where people are, quite frankly, pretty insane. When we notice a mass uptick in insanity we ask our friend who owns a wholesale company on the east coast if he is dealing with the same, and the answer is always “YES!!!” and it just so happens that these days ALWAYS DO align with the full moon, but it is true or is it just a super bizarre, ongoing fluke?

Everyone has heard phrases like “It must be a full moon!”, this is because for centuries people have associated the full moon with crazy times and crazy behavior due to supposed “lunar lunacy effect”.

If you read scientific papers on lunar lunacy effect you will see that scientists claim there is no proof of correlation between irrational behaviour and a full moon… but in all fairness, a scientist doesn’t run an online business nor do they have to provide customer service to people all over the world. With that being said, both things CAN be possible at the same time. It can be possible that there is no scientific data found, yet it can also be possible that people really do go crazy. Just because data hasn’t yet been discovered doesn’t mean it’s not true. More interestingly, if you enjoy watching nature documentaries (specifically ocean docs) you will see that the full moon has a massive impact on many ocean species… so if something living in the water can be impacted by a full moon, is it much of a stretch to consider something living on land would also be?

On Reddit there’s a super interesting thread on which online sellers are sharing all of the utterly insane oddities that have occurred the day before, day-of or day-after a full moon. Here’s just a few:

Two buyers attempted to extort a partial refund, one leaving a neg when I held firm at "please return the shirt for a full refund" She was well aware of the fact that since she was overseas and used a freight forwarder, she wouldn't have been able to win an INAD. All of her messages stopped just short of spelling out feedback extortion, even though it was heavily implied.

One buyer sent me 10 back-to-back messages complaining about the sleeves of a shirt. Listing had 10 photos from various angles, but apparently I was "EXTREMELY NEGLIGENT IN TELLING HER HOW THE UGLY SLEEVES WOULD LOOK WHEN WORN". I apologized, offered a return for refund (that she did not pursue) and ended up with a neutral.

One blocked bidder created a second account to purchase the item and leave a spite neg. Thankfully she was bright enough to email me via eBay telling me what she was planning to do, so it only took me 4 calls to customer service to find someone with enough sense to remove it.

Had a buyer return a cd because it didn't have a song on it that they claimed it should.

Had a buyer request to return a scratch removal kit they bought new, opened and used because it supposedly didn’t remove the scratch

Had a buyer 0 feedback an item, take parts out, and then return it.

Just had a request to return game pieces I sold because the game wasn't included. The auction was clear that it was for pieces. There is no mention of the actual game or a picture of it.


Unfortunately there isn’t any real solution. Even if you were to not reply to inquiries on the eve of the full moon you will still have to deal with the day-prior and day-after psychos BUT here's a couple things you can do:

1. If you want to plan ahead you can purchase a cheap Full Moon Calendar. There’s also really friggin' gorgeous Full Moon Clocks:

2. There’s also incredible Moon Phase Calendar Clocks.  I think these are so amazing looking that I plan to purchase one:

3.  Other than that the only suggestions I can make is to follow the same advice I wrote about in the blog post called Online Sellers: How to Deal with Daytime Anxiety and Stress (there’s also a similar post called Online Sellers: How to Deal with Nighttime Anxiety and Stress: Sleep Advice You HAVE NOT Heard)

4. Check out ReaderDigest's article called 7 Ways a Full Moon Can Mess with Your Emotions (<-- super interesting stuff!)

5. ... and when all else fails, you can do as I do and open a bottle of wine or vodka! 

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