Amazing Statistics Every Womens Panty / Underwear Online Seller Must Know!

Amazing Statistics Every Womens Panty / Underwear Online Seller Must Know!

Posted by Big Brand on 8th May 2020

Hopefully you read our mind-blowing article from yesterday about the most popular bra sizes and types, so today we have to discuss panties! If you sell womens underwear online here’s some more statistics that might shock you, surprise you and make you reevaluate your selection. Let’s get started!

Check out the graphic below:

Here’s what it says:

By far, the most popular type of womens underwear is “Briefs”. Almost HALF of women prefer these over any other style!

Coming in at 2nd place is Thongs, followed by Bikinis. Brazilian (“Cheeky”) panties and Shapewear panties are pretty much tied for 3rd/4th place. Then finally there is “Boyshorts” which is least-preferred. Personally, I hate boyshorts. I think my thighs are too thick to wear them because they always roll up! Is it just me? Clearly not based on the chart above! So that’s comforting… more comforting than damn boyshorts, LOL!

Moving along, in terms of sizing, check out this chart:

According to this new data, sizes Small, Medium and Large are almost tied for “Most popular panty size”. Extra Small and Extra Large are almost tied for the next level of “most popular”. XXL, 3X+ and XXS are WAY BEHIND the other sizes in terms of popularity. Which is very interesting because in yesterdays article about Bra Statistics we learned the most popular bra size in the USA is 34DD (yet most women think they wear a 36C). So with that in mind, women are no longer a matching-size-top-and-bottom (i.e: Medium top + Medium Bottom). Instead we see that women are now 34DD, which is a “Large” and the bottom is Extra Small through Extra Large, with less than 25% of those women being a matching-size-Large bottom!

To dive even deeper into panties… Whoa, that sounded so wrong… as far as pricepoint goes, the most popular price point is $20-$40!!!!

I’ll be honest, I thought for sure it would be $0-$20, but I am totally wrong! So women WANT to splurge on underwear.

What I found to be even crazier is that the second “best seller” is panties that retail for OVER $40! I guess I am too thrifty to be a part of these statistics!

Here’s some more awesome stats:

So, as you can see, black and white underwear dominate the market! Whereas red and pink are not a favorite. I was even more surprised that women fold their underwear. Who has time for that? lol!

Even more fascinating… you know “Nude” panties? My entire lifetime they have been one shade of tan-ivory… a shade of skin that literally nobody is. Odd, eh? And I assume if you are any color other than that weird shade of supposed “skin tone” you might even feel offended. I don’t blame you. But stores are FINALLY realizing that calling something “Nude” when its pretty much a skin tone that only applies to tanned-white people or women with that incredible Latino / Puerto Rican natural tan skin (I’m sooooo jealous!), doesn’t make sense. Being pale, pasty white, I can’t even imagine how dark-skinned women feel about the “nude” color. Anyways, stores are FINALLY offering more shades of “nude”. Check this out:

Looking at the chart, Savage X Fenty is on-point! I appreciate them offering a computer-paper-white “nude” for my pale-self and I assume dark skinned ladies feel the same about shades that might actually accommodate them. Why Victorias Secret isn’t jumping on the bandwagon is beyond me.

So…. if you’re trying to decide what to purchase, all sizes sell, but especially S-XL.  In terms of colors, black and white are dominating the charts.  Now it's time to stock up your store with our wholesale designer panties!


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