8 Ways to Avoid Missing USPS Package Deliveries

8 Ways to Avoid Missing USPS Package Deliveries

Posted by Big Brand on 15th Dec 2020

If you love to order merchandise online you have likely discovered that you have missed a delivery at some point. The reason parcels are sometimes not delivered is because the seller put “Signature Confirmation” on the package. Sellers do this for several different reasons but some of the most common are:

  • Merchandise is of high value (over $200, usually)
  • Merchandise is fragile or rare
  • Your address is an Apartment or PO Box
  • Christmas season = high rate of package theft and the seller wants to make sure it is handed directly to a resident
  • If you told the seller your last order never arrived
  • If the area you live in is known for mail bad carriers / incorrect deliveries / parcels literally thrown on porch or deck
  • Some sellers choose to put Signature on ALL parcels, regardless of the situation to ensure delivery

So, if you are concerned with missing your deliveries you have a few options:

  1. Have the merchandise delivered to your work
  2. Have the merchandise delivered to a neighbor, friend or family member who is home during the day. Almost everyone has a kind neighbor or relative who wouldn’t mind helping out.
  3. Get a PO Box so you can pick up the merchandise from the post office when you have time. Most PO Boxes are available 24 hours a day
  4. Request to have the parcel “Held” at the local post office for pickup
  5. Sign up for USPS “Package Delivery Instructions”
  6. If you know you are going to be out of town for a series of days, put “A Hold” on all of your mail at the post office.
  7. If the merchant offers pickup, this is a great way to avoid missing a delivery
  8. Some merchants allow for you to have a carrier, or courier, of your choice to pickup. So, for example, you could have Uber Connect get the package directly from the seller and drive it to wherever you want. 

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