6 Steps to Take if You Shipped a Fraudulent Order Paid with Stolen Credit Card Numbers

6 Steps to Take if You Shipped a Fraudulent Order Paid with Stolen Credit Card Numbers

Posted by Big Brand on 25th May 2020

If you shipped a customers order THEN discovered it was placed using stolen credit card information, you MUST immediately take these steps if the parcel is still in transit.

Before we get into these methods, let me be VERY CLEAR. This guide is NOT for “crappy customers” who are real, legitimate people who are rude, obnoxious and disorderly. If the order you shipped was ordered by a douchebag who is giving you a hard time, this is NOT the article for you; instead read our article called “How to Deal with Batsh*t Crazy Customers”.  This article is specifically for dealing with FRAUDULENT CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS, that you are 100% sure are orders placed using bogus information... AKA: A CRIMINAL FELONY.

1. The very first thing you want to do is Reroute the parcel back to you right away. It usually costs $10-$20 to reroute the parcel but you absolutely must stop the scammer from getting your inventory.  Here's how to redirect parcels: USPS instructionsFedEx instructions, UPS instructions.  If the parcel has already been delivered, you're probably S.O.L but PLEASE, do the right thing and continue with the rest of the steps:

IF the order is going to a Freight Forwarder the shipping address will look something like this:

Mary Walters

FFC Enterprises #23488

1234 Sunrise Blvd

Kissimmee, FL 85231

The forwarder is not the enemy. They are a company who was hired by the thief to transport the stolen merchandise from the USA to the scammers country.  The forwarder does not know the merchandise is stolen unless you tell them.  What you need to do is Google Search the address "1234 Sunrise Blvd, Kissimmee FL 85231" and get the contact information for the forwarder. CALL the forwarder and let them know you need them to refuse delivery because their buyer is using stolen credit cards to obtain inventory fraudulently.  Most forwarders are exceptionally cooperative because they don't want to transport stolen goods.  Even IF the Tracking Number shows that the merchandise was delivered to the Forwarder, it may not yet have been shipped overseas, so it is worth contacting them and asking for it to be returned to you.  Obviously, you would have to pay for return shipping.

2. Report it to the Ic3  This website is the FBI’s internet crimes division!!! You might not get back your parcel but you are going to be putting this scammer on the FBI’s radar!! Usually someone who steals credit cards isn't just ripping you off, they are typically part of a large criminal enterprise and this is a full time job for them!  If the merchandise was shipped to a Freight Forwarder and the forwarder refused to cooperate, definitely report the forwarder because knowingly transporting stolen goods is a big crime. 

3. You can also contact local police in the city that matches the SHIPPING address. You can find out who the local police are by google searching “police (city and state you shipped to)”.The person you want to speak with is a "detective: Sometimes the Detective is thankful that you reached out because they don't want that scum in their city. Other times they brush you off and tell you there’s nothing they can do because the crime occurred online. But we have actually been able to have TWO arrests made just by contacting the scammers police dept. I can’t remember which city it was but the Wisconsin police were absolutely outstanding in helping us!  It turned out that many of the people living at the Ship-to address were Wanted felons!

4. Immediately issue a full refund to the form of payment. If you are positive the credit card numbers are stolen you MUST issue a refund before you are hit with a chargeback. The chargeback will cost you $35 - $45! If you rush to refund the payment you will not be held liable because you no longer have the funds.  Time is ticking, so get this done pronto.

5. Contact the mail carrier in the Ship-to-Address City! For example, if the carrier is USPS and the order is going to Wayne, Michigan 48184, contact USPS Wayne Michigan, 48184. Let them know that this specific address is using stolen credit card information to place fraudulent orders online. Provide them with all of the evidence you have. The carrier can usually see the quantity of mail they deliver to that specific address. We were able to have Stop Mail Delivery orders placed on numerous scammers because USPS does not want any part in transporting outright stolen merchandise to fraudsters. BE SURE TO GET THE MANAGERS NAME THAT YOU SPEAK TO because  sometimes the manager at the post office or distribution branch simply doesn’t care at all, which is really disappointing. But at least you tried.

6. If the mail provider blows you off, you CAN go to the USPS inspector general, and this is another reason why you want to make sure you have the name of the manager you spoke to. 

In closing, you might not be able to stop this scammer from getting your order but you are helping thousands and thousands of other small businesses all over America. PLEASE take the time to try to stop the scammer!

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