4+ AMAZING New "Thanks For Your Order" Stickers JUST RELEASED On Amazon!

4+ AMAZING New "Thanks For Your Order" Stickers JUST RELEASED On Amazon!

Posted by Big Brand on 17th Sep 2020

Omg I am so excited to show you these BRAND NEW, JUST RELEASED stickers for your customers purchases!  See them first here!

BRAND NEW - PRE ORDER (Navy Color - In stock Sept 26th!) NO AMAZON REVIEWS!!! Or, grab the TEAL color that was just listed!  I bought two colors of them! You get 500 stickers for under $13:

Then there's this amazing sticker SET that just came out 3 days ago!  You get  500pc for under $11 (plus free ship, of course!)  

As you can see, one "roll" gives you 5 different styles that are all simply adorable! LOVE IT!

Next there's this new beauty....This just dropped this month and doesn't even have 20 reviews yet!  This sticker roll is 500pc for under $13!!!


These are an EVEN BETTER Deal because you get 600 stickers for only $1 MORE!  We will absolutely end up buying the hologram stickers too, but today we picked up 6 total rolls of 500 stickers each so that will last us at least 2 months!  But we will keep our eyes peeled because we love these added touches! 

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