3+ USED Items to ALWAYS Buy on Amazon Prime - BIG SAVINGS + Insider TIP!

3+ USED Items to ALWAYS Buy on Amazon Prime - BIG SAVINGS + Insider TIP!

Posted by Big Brand on 12th Oct 2020

I am always surprised to discover that most people are not familiar with shopping USED Amazon Prime merchandise! This is also called “Amazon Warehouse” goods. However you can get the BEST DEALS EVER by buying Used stuff… and it’s usually brand spanking new!

1. SPECIFIC PART / MODEL NUMBERS - The majority of the Used Amazon Warehouse Merchandise I have purchased was returned because the wrong item was purchased. Here’s a perfect example:

I love, love, love the Ninja Blender Cups, but they’re expensive.

The regular price for 2 cups is around $20, but the used price is between $8 - $14, which is quite a bit of savings!

I know what you’re thinking, “OMG YOU’RE BUYING USED CUPS?! GROSSSSSSSS!!!!” - well no, not really. They are always brand new, even inside the packaging. As you can see from my image above, I have bought these 6 times and not once have I ever received a literal “used cup”. The reason they are being sold for less is because the buyer bought the wrong size cup. This happens because Ninja sells a lot of different cups that all fit different Ninja blenders:

So it is very easy to accidentally buy the wrong item without realizing it. But when the parcel shows up you immediately realize it’s the wrong thing without even opening it.

The one of the absolute best things to score USED at mega discounts on Amazon Prime, is anything that is easily mistaken for a different part. Such as:

  • Vacuum Bags
  • Fish Tank Filter Inserts / Sleeves / Bio-Bags (I even bought the wrong size one time!)
  • Computer / Electronic Parts
  • Cell Phone Cases! It’s so easy to accidentally buy the “X” instead of the “XS” or whatever!
  • Special size lightbulbs
  • Kitchen appliance accessories

And so on. If it has a specific model number that only fits a specific unit, you’re 99.9999% likely going to get a brand new item when you buy USED! And if for some reason it ends up being awful junk, you can still return it!

COMPUTER PAPER!!!! I have bought so much “Used” computer paper on Amazon Prime…

Once again, you’re probably thinking “Isn’t it printed all over? What’s wrong with it!?!” - Basically nothing. These are usually not even returns and instead packs of paper that were damaged during shipping TO Amazons Warehouse. So when you buy it Used, it shows up with the top portion being bent on the corners or it is just repackaged in plastic wrap instead of in it's original packaging. However, I have done the math and it is CHEAPER to discard the top 35 pages with bent corners and use the rest than it is to pay full price for a new pack with no bent corners! Also, we do not throw away the bent pieces. Instead we use these imperfect pieces for scrap paper at our warehouse, so it works out perfect.

If you want to see today’s Amazon Warehouse Used Paper listings, click here then open the listing you are interested in and look for the USEDprice.

HOME DECOR!!! Especially Artificial Plants! The amount of money you can save by buying “Used” on Amazon Prime is utterly insane! Most of the Used home decor is an ADDITIONAL 40% off of the Amazon Price!!

And this does not apply only to fake trees and plants. You can get amazing deals on used table top decor, wall art and more:

And, as mentioned earlier, you may think that there must be something totally wrong with the decor…. NOPE! Usually the exterior cardboard box is dented. In fact, it’s almost always that specific reason. A couple times I have bought items that were missing pieces. Some I sent back but others were such an awesome deal that it was cheaper to keep them and buy the part for 50-cents than it was to send it back and pay $30 more to buy a new one. Heck, I have even bought Used Amazon Prime rugs!

Can you tell I LOVE decor? LOL! I hope by reading this article you realized that you CAN shop the Used items on Prime without worry!   

INSIDER TIP:  If you just want to browse todays stock of Amazon Warehouse Used merchandise, here's a direct link BUT there are two types of listings.  The first type is the standard listing that shows you the regular price and the USED price is on the lower right:

The other type of listings looks like this:

When you click the icon called "See All Buying Options" you can view all of the Used prices:

Next, read: the USED items you should NEVER, EVER buy from Amazon Prime Warehouse!

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