USPS Holiday Mail CHAOS! Will 2021 Be Better?

USPS Holiday Mail CHAOS! Will 2021 Be Better?

Posted by Big Brand on 25th Dec 2020

We have been experiencing a total nightmare with USPS since the last week of November, 2020. It is currently Christmas Eve and we are being screamed at by our outraged buyers who still don’t have their merchandise. To add to the frustration; we rush to get orders in transit, same-day in most cases. So, we hurry to get the parcel in transit, USPS takes the parcel... then transit comes to a screeching halt. Look how insane this is:

This is just one example of a parcel we shipped NOVEMBER 27TH…. TODAY IS DECEMBER 24TH! Looking at the above tracking number, we can see the parcel went from Romulus, Michigan to Detroit USPS Sorting Center… a total of 10 miles drive in one MONTH:

This insanity is occurring all over the USA. It’s so crazy that there is now a USPS Problems Map, and, almost humorously, it covers basically the entire USA:

And as you can imagine, people are outraged:

So USPS has created a standard reply:

Then they reply this to everyone, over and over:

After getting flooded with complaints, ClickonDetroit and WXYZ, a local news channel, did an investigation into USPS and what they found is shocking:

50+ Full size Semi Trucks, all filled with mail, gridlocked OUTSIDE of the Detroit Sorting Center

But the problem isn't just Detroit. Here's investigations from a few other USPS locations:

Ohio - Cleveland Sorting Center

Illinois - Chicago

MA - Boston

KY - Lousiville

NC - Greensborough

PA - Philly 

There's reports like this from all over the USA.  You can find them on YouTube.  All of the reports are the same; Wall to wall mail, disorganization from hell, lack of staff and no preparation has caused literal mountains of mail and semitrucks filled with parcels in complete girdlock.  Many online sellers have been forced to close their businesses because, after waiting 3 weeks, the buyer is demanding a refund or the merchandise they purchased. In fear of bad feedback, sellers rush to issue refunds. Many seller have lost $800+ in refunds the month of December due to USPS Chaos. As of December 12th, our company had over $30,000 worth of merchandise sitting.

We sincerely hope that now that Christmas Gift Ordering is likely over, USPS should be able to start clearing up this nightmare. We pray that we see parcels start moving. I fear that if USPS cannot get these issues resolved quickly all faith in the carrier will be lost.