Online Sellers: The 6 Cutest Summery Tissue Papers on Amazon

Online Sellers: The 6 Cutest Summery Tissue Papers on Amazon

Posted by Big Brand on 16th May 2021

If you are an online seller and you absolutely love making your outgoing orders look absolutely adorable, check out these oh-so-cute tissue papers on Amazon:

KLATIE Multi-Print Pack: 150 Sheets for under $15

Every one of these summery prints are fun and beautiful!

FLEXICORE Bold, Solid Color Tissue Paper: 100 Sheets for Under $10

If you know me, you already know I am crazy about the bright, ocean blue and the bubblegum pink however all of the colors are amazing:

INSPIRED MAILERS STORE Printed Tissue: 100 BIG Sheets for $21

Yes it’s more expensive but look how AMAZING it is! If you want to blow your buyers mind, here ya go:

But if you don’t like cheetah prints, check out these other variations:

WHALINE Metallic Tissue: 60 Sheets for $14

WHALINE Americana Tissue! 90 Sheets for $15

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!! If you have ever been inside our warehouse you already know this tissue would fit right in!

JILLSON & ROBERTS Exquisite Floral Printed Tissue Paper: 240 Sheets for Under $60

I have to save the most jaw-dropping tissue for last. I think this is so beautiful that you could put it in a frame and sell it as wall art!:

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