Online Sellers Share Their Worst “Karens”

Online Sellers Share Their Worst “Karens”

Posted by Big Brand on 5th Dec 2021

If you're an online seller chances are you have had one or more "Karens".  If you're not familiar with a "Karen", the official Slang Dictionary definition is "a woman who acts entitled, expects certain privileges or special treatment, and gets angered easily.

Side Note: I hate the term "Karen" because it's my literally my moms name!  Yes, my mother is a literal Karen, and although she is a Karen, shes not a Karen... 

Anyways, let's get into some eye-rolling Karen experiences shared by online sellers, including a bunch of our own personal issues! 

1. Well Color Me Pink!  Seller: chan_jkv

I once sold over 100 colored pencils and a container on eBay. A lady bought them and then told me one of the pencils was broken, so she wanted A FULL REFUND. I told her I'd gladly send her a full refund AFTER she shipped everything back. Apparently that was unacceptable. Then she tried to get my Paypal account frozen by filling a case against me. I told PayPal the same thing (full refund after return of item) and she again refused.

2. My Color Wheel Doesn't Match Your Description... Seller: Us!

We once sold a shirt that we listed as Aqua. I don’t remember the sell price; it was probably something silly like $6.99. Anyways, we received a lengthy email, WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS SO WE COULD UNDERSTAND THAT SHE WAS VERY ANGRY. Her only actual complaint was that, in her opinion, the shirt wasn’t “Aqua”, it was “Teal”, and she couldn’t wrap her mind around how we “got things so wrong”. She sent photos of the AQUA top.

We offered a full refund upon return. She insisted she “had to throw it out”.

3. One Star! WORST Free Gift Ever! Seller: Us!

I’ve shared this story before, but here it is again; we were giving free gifts (Jewelry from M*CYS!) with every purchase. Lady left a bad review because she insisted the bracelet we sent was “rusty and tarnished”.... It was actually “weathered look”, meaning it was designed to have some patina.

4. I decided I didn't want to pay.... Seller: BenTheMotionist

I sold a guitar where the buyer collected, spent an hour with me and was very happy with the deal he had, played the guitar, all was well. And not even 10 mins after he left, I had a dispute on my hands for selling damaged goods.

5. Based on my calculations, you owe me 4.9 Million Dollars!  Seller: Us!

This Karen wasn’t on eBay, it was a purchase through our website. The buyer didn’t like the merchandise so we offered prepaid shipping labels so she could return it at our expense plus a full refund or store credit, whichever she preferred. She said she wanted the credit.

She does send it back and we gave her the full credit, which was something like $150. She becomes super angry and says the credit should be “at least $300”. We send her a copy of her invoice showing she paid $150, out-the-door. She then explains that she should be given AT LEAST $300 because “that’s how much I would have made if I kept it and sold it”. - W.T.F!

6. A day late, dollar short.  Seller: DiscombobulatedCut68

My dad sold an old caravan on eBay for about. $1000. They pay through PayPal and come pick it up. All seem nice enough and they live pretty far way (about 5 hours).

One week later our PayPal is frozen. Finally figured out that the buyer was accidentally charged $1.50 for postage, which they should not have been charged because they picked it up. So because they picked it up and were charged $1.50 for shipping they wanted a full refund for the entire purchase, through PayPal.  Of course they never even messaged us. We would happily give them the postage cost that was accidentally charged.

We try contacting them... Nothing. 

We had their address don’t remember why (maybe they discussed delivery at some point). So my brother goes to their house and knocks on the door. People are there he could tell so he called out saying why he was there... Nothing. Gets left at the door.

So leaves a note with his phone number to talk to him and the $1.50 The whole thing was dropped. The next day and we could use PayPal again.

They literally tried to get a full refund for a $1000 caravan over $1.50 that we tried to accidental charge that we tried to refund them.

Do you have a crazy buyer or seller story? Send it to us! 

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