Online Sellers: How to REUSE Those Little White Packets that Come in EVERYTHING

Online Sellers: How to REUSE Those Little White Packets that Come in EVERYTHING

Posted by Big Brand on 1st May 2021

If you’re an online seller you have probably seen these things in with your inventory, but what are they? What do they do? And is there ANY use for these other than throwing them out? This is going to delightfully surprise you!

To begin, they actually have a name other than “Those weird little packets in everything”, they’re called Silica Packets (AKA: Silica Gel Packets). What they do is absorb moisture, which makes sense as to why they’re in EVERYTHING from medication to clothing to … well, basically EVERYTHING!

A Silica Packet works like a charm for around 3 years, so chances are the packets you get have a ton of life left in them! So here’s 10 awesome ways you can reuse these snazzy little packets:

1. REDUCE ODOR! Yes, this includes everything from tennis shoes to thrift store blouses to a gym bag!

2. Protect Your Real Metal Inventory! If you sell coins, silverware, tools, jewelry, ammo, knives, fishing hooks, etc you can help prevent tarnish by throwing in a packet or two. (Also be sure to read our blog post called How to Store and Shelve Jewelry After You List It)

3. Preserve paper! Whether you sell books, documents, cards or other paper made items, Silica Packets will get rid of moisture and also help eliminate that “old paper smell”.

4. And, paper also includes your outgoing parcels! If you’re shipping stuff and you need to make sure it doesn’t arrive moist, here’s the answer.

5. Keep Mold OUT. “I love mold” - said nobody, ever. Keep your inventory free from mold by utilizing these little white packets. But don’t stop at inventory because you can also…

6. PRESERVE CHEESE!!!!! Nothing is worse than that 10pm craving for a nibble off the cheddar block. You got your cutting board, your knife and your crackers then you see the mold and slimy yuck covering the cheese.

7. Since we're discussing food, you can also use these lil guys to keep cookies from getting soggy, make crackers last longer and extend the life of your bread.  Yessssssssss! 

8. Prevent clumping! Don’t you absolutely despise when your laundry detergent or bath salts get rock hard? It’s due to the moisture in the air. Add in some Silica Packets to solve the problem. 

Now that you know this amazing info, if you want to buy some brand-spanking-new Silica Packets, you can get 100 of these things on Amazon for around $6.

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