Online Sellers: How to Give Free Gifts Without Getting Bad Feedback

Online Sellers: How to Give Free Gifts Without Getting Bad Feedback

Posted by Big Brand on 29th Apr 2021

We previously discussed 12 Free Gifts that Upset or Scare Buyers as well as Free Gift = Bad Feedback Nightmare Stories, so today I am going to share with you the correct way to give out free gifts to eliminate problems.  Let's begin!

First of all, make sure buyers know EXACTLY what the gift will be. Don’t just give out “stickers”. Instead give out “Lisa Frank Stickers Featuring Puppy Dogs”, this way, if the buyer hates dogs because they were attacked by a husky when they were 7 years old they can make sure they do not get one. 

Second, NEVER randomly include it! Instead offer your buyers a way to score the gift IF THEY WANT IT. For example, with “Coupon Code XYZ you get a free _____” or, “Spend $50 and get a free _____. To qualify, place your order and send us an email with your order number and code XYZ”.  This eliminates the possibility of the buyer who almost drowned in the ocean having to deal with a dolphin theme key chain.  Note:  If you think this sounds insane, please read Free Gift = Bad Feedback Buyer Nightmare Stories

Third, review the Free Gifts That May Offend People list. This may sound silly, but it’s absolutely worth 3 minutes of your time.  One mans Social Justice is another mans Bad Feedback.   Or, in the world of freebies, it's usually the same man. 

And lastly, after 16+ years in business I have to admit to you that Free Gifts rarely ever impact sales unless the free gift is ALSO accompanied by another discount OR if the free gift is something so exciting that people can't resist.  To delve into this further:


1. Lets say you and another seller both have the identical Lumix brand Camera listed for $800. The only difference between your listing and theirs is that you offer a FREE Accessory Bundle.  

2. Or, lets say you are selling a Chapstick brand lip balm.  If the free gift is another lip balm this actually would increase sales because you're giving out a niche product that someone is already planning to buy. 

3. Or, lets say your free gift is accompanied by "free shipping"... people love free shipping.  

4. Or lets say your free gift coupon code not only gives the buyer the free     

With that in mind, like the old saying goes, "sometimes less is more"; and to apply that to this situation, you likely do not have to give away anything free unless you want to run some kind of optional promotion. 

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