Online Sellers: Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Mail Carriers / Delivery

Online Sellers: Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Mail Carriers / Delivery

Posted by Big Brand on 1st Nov 2021

When it comes to Christmas shopping most online sellers tend to forget to hookup their mail carrier and parcel delivery people.

Some will argue that “Its their job. Why would I give them anything?”, let me put it to you like this: If you go into a bar to have a couple drinks every day after work and you only tip $1 total, the guy sitting next to you who always tips $5 is going to get faster, often better, service than you. It’s just human nature to like the people who like us back more than we like the people who don’t care much about us. With that being said, if you treat your carriers good, when you have a problem you will get VIP service. The carrier will be happy to go the extra mile to help you out, and this helps your business, and your business puts money into your pocket. So in theory, a small gift will make you more money in the long run because you will stand out from all the other customers who don’t remember their mail carrier.


This is subjective and based on how many parcels you send and get. Here at BigBrandWholesale we see our carriers 5 days a week, year after year after year.  Heck, I honestly see these carriers more than I see my sister!  So, I usually spend pretty big on 3 specific carriers; these are carriers who I have gotten to know so well that I have their personal cell phone numbers and when there’s an issue I can text them and they will jump on it right away. What is that relationship worth? EVERYTHING. For these 3 carriers I spend around $200 each (I know, that sounds insane but trust me, I get my money's worth). For the other carriers that I do not have an invaluable relationship with, I spend $15-$25. Additionally, I plan ahead and I get them tiny items all year long and store those items until Christmas. When we get in pallets of inventory I’ll see something awesome and set it aside for the carriers. It makes Christmas shopping a breeze. Before November arrives I already have their gifts ready and counting down the days.

There really isn’t a “set budget”. If all you have is $5, then get a $5 gift. If you’re struggling, make them something! Handmade items kick ass!


Large travel mug! They spend all day driving! Just make sure it can fit in a cup holder. Etsy has these incredible customized Tumblers for only $22:

Nice Convertible Gloves, especially if you live in a cold, snowy climate. Here is Michigan it gets below 0 and our windchill can be insane. I hate even opening the door to get the mail, imagine how cold the carriers are! Aim for a dark color so they don’t show dirt (black, charcoal, navy). Average price on Amazon is $14 - $19 for a decent pair. Make sure you get “One Size Fits Most” instead of sized gloves because it is nearly impossible to guess someones glove size.

Nice Winter Hat - aim for dark color. “Trapper Hats” are great for carriers because they feature interior lining for extra warmth and they fully cover the ears. 

Warm Socks - Aim for Wool Socks because they provide extra warmth. Be sure to buy “One size fits most”.

Warm Winter Scarf - Make sure it doesn’t have gemstones or fringe because they need to be able to work without it getting snagged on things. Simple and warm is the best way to go.

Warm Neck Scarf - These are great for carriers because they cling to the neck therefore keeping body heat in.

Heat Packs for Gloves - You can get an entire case of these for around $22!

Gift Card(s) for fast food restaurants that are on their route

Chapstick! Most carriers need chapstick for the cold winter months

Amazon has literal Mail Carrier Gifts, such as keychains that say “Worlds Greatest Mail Carrier” - this is AWESOME.

Travel Size Lotion - Ok, this can be a little tricky because some people hate floral scents and other people hate fruity. Then there’s people who have chemical sensitivity or hate fragrances as a whole, so the safest bet is to grab a bottle of Gold Bond. I personally love Gold Bond because its the only brand that truly helps my dry hands. Lubriderm is my 2nd fav brand for legit moisturizing.

Look at how your carrier is dressed. We have one carrier who always wears hoop earrings. Perfect Christmas gift; hoop earrings! If your carrier always wears a sports team logo ballcap, grab them a gift certificate to Lids. Red lipstick? A gift card for Sephora. If your carrier always wears a headband, there ya go.

Travel Snacks - just stay away from anything with nuts because they may have allergies or a child with allergies. My personal favs are Cheez-Its and little bags of chips but I heard carriers love pretzels. Amazon has some awesome variety packs that we buy for our warehouse staff. The only rule is they have to leave all the White Cheddar Cheeze Its for me, everything else is fair game.

Water Flavors! I never even considered this until I read it on a forum where actual carriers suggested it!

Alcohol - Depending on how well you know your carrier, an alcohol gift set is an awesome gift. I would friggin love for someone to gift me a vodka gift set! On the other hand, I’m not a big red wine drinker, and I tend to be gifted a ton of red wine for some reason.

Cigarettes, Cigars, etc - If your carrier smokes, buy them a pack.

Custom Mail Carrier Christmas Ornament!

Theme Stuff - When you chat with your carrier and they tell you they are going camping next weekend, it's likely safe to assume they like to camp.  One of my 3 fav carriers is a camping enthusiast so I like to get her stuff I know she will love; solar cell phone/USB charger,  camping socks, single serve MRE (Meals Ready to Eat - I swear on all things holy, the Biscuits and Gravy is SO DELISH that I order them to eat for lunch at our warehouse.  They are outstanding!), solar "emergency" lights - perfect for camping!  Another one of my carriers is really into art so I have gotten her painting supplies.  All you gotta do is listen when they talk and make notes.  :)

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