Online Sellers: Amazon Approved Verified Wholesalers

Online Sellers: Amazon Approved Verified Wholesalers

Posted by Big Brand on 20th Sep 2021

We are often asked if we are an “Amazon Approved Wholesaler” or an "Amazon Verified Wholesaler". Here’s what you need to know:

Amazon does notverify wholesalers. What I mean is that there is not a process for wholesale companies to become “approved” or “verified” through Amazon. If any wholesaler tell you Amazon "verified" them, they're lying.  HOWEVER, there are wholesale companies that Amazon ALLOWS invoices from as well as wholesale companies Amazon does NOT ALLOW invoices from. Amazon does allow invoices from our company, BUT what is important for you to understand is the PROCESS.

When your Amazon account becomes eligible for Ungating because you have met all of the criteria, including your Seller Metrics, you will likely get Ungated. However there is no way for any wholesale company to guarantee Ungating because the choice to Ungate is 100% up to whatever Amazon employee is reviewing your account and submitted invoice.

If the employee checks out your account and looks at the invoice and determines that YOU are eligible for Ungating, they send the wholesaler (us) an Invoice Verification. As you will see from the image below, we get a LOT of verifications from Amazon:

The email they send us looks like this:

So, how it works is Amazon provides us with the date the order was placed on our site, the order number and the Lot(s) purchased. We then have to pull up the order and reply to the email with the buyers information and tracking number.

After we reply to the email from Amazon, Amazon sellers tell us that they are Ungated within 24 hours. Basically, we are the final step in the Ungating process.

HOWEVER, there are also situations where Amazon never sends us an email because the Amazon employee decided the seller does not meet criteria / eligibility to get Ungated or the items purchased are Restricted or… well, who really knows? An Amazon employee can decide not to Ungate someone for only reasons THEY know and Amazon does not share any details with us (other than the Verification Email).

We have seen situations where two different wholesale buyers purchase the identical lot and one of the buyers is quickly Ungated while the other buyer is rejected. Again, we have no idea why Amazon makes the choices they make and we have no control over what they decide.

From the research we have done, it seems that the two most common reasons why buyers do not get Ungated is that their Seller Metrics do not meet the criteria established by Amazon OR the Amazon account is brand new, therefore there’s little, or no, Seller Metrics at all; either way, criteria has not been met so Amazon will not Ungate.

Additionally, I have read over and over in the Amazon Seller Forums that if someone submits an invoice prematurely (without meeting Metrics requirements) or if someone submits incorrectly too many times, they will be blocked by Amazon from further Ungating submissions regarding that brand.

So, to answer your question: Does Amazon approve invoices from Yes, providing you have followed all of the Ungating instructions.  

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