Online Sellers:  10 AMAZING Facts About Small Businesses That Will Make You Smile!

Online Sellers: 10 AMAZING Facts About Small Businesses That Will Make You Smile!

Posted by Big Brand on 8th Jan 2021

Although the media tends to tell you the United States is all about “the big guys”, this simply isn’t true! YOU are the majority and here’s proof that will warm your heart and make you feel empowered!

1. There are over 37 million companies in the United States and ALMOST ALL of them are small businesses (over 99% as of 2020!!)

2. 61% of these small businesses account for almost HALF of all employment in the USA!

3. Last year (2019), small businesses added over 1.6 MILLION new jobs to the USA economy!

4. And, out of that 1.6 million, really small businesses (companies with 1-19 total employees) accounted for 1.1 million of them! So yes, the really little guy created the majority of the new jobs last year!

5. The states with the highest amount of small businesses in 2020 are: California with a massive 4.1 million, Texas, rapidly growing to 2.8 million! Florida comes in third place with 2.7 million, followed by New York with 2.2 million then Illinois with 1.2 million.

6. More than 500,000 new businesses are founded each month!!!

7. 70% of small businesses are operated and owned by a single person! You are NOT alone! You are in the majority!

8. Small businesses generate 53% of all US sales.  OMG!!! 

9.  67% of US adults have more confidence in small businesses, compared to 21% who trust corporations more.  See, you ARE better than Amazon! 

10. It takes just 6 days to start a business in the US, compared to a whopping 38 days in China

11.  Of course we have to save the best for last!  Data shows that 95% of purchases will be made through eCommerce by 2040.

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