Need a Limousine? DON'T BOOK WITH GLOBAL LIMOS - No Call, No Show SCAM!

Need a Limousine? DON'T BOOK WITH GLOBAL LIMOS - No Call, No Show SCAM!

Posted by Tori Thompson on 24th Oct 2021

If you are located inside the USA and need a limousine for an event, chances are you will come across a company called Global Limos; a company with a nice website that is very user friendly and prices that are cheaper than most competitors, but before you click Book, READ ABOUT OUR TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Usually I don't write about topics of this nature on this blog but since this company claims to provide limos across the entire USA, it seemed beyond appropriate to warn you.  

My husbands 40th birthday was in October 2021 and I was eager to plan a big surprise party for him, so in May 2021 I booked a Hummer stretch limo through Global Limos.

As you can see from the image above, Global was supposed to pickup on October 16th at 2pm and the limo was booked through midnight.

Fast forward to September 2021: A Global Limos representative named “Danny” contacted me via text message to confirm the booking. I told him yes, we still want the limo. Then he replied, “Ok. I’ll get back to you” …. Which was weird. Get back to me? About what?

A couple weeks passed and there was no reply from Danny. We were now approaching September 28nd and the party was less than 3 weeks a way, so I sent Danny a text asking him to PLEASE reply. On the 29th I again asked him to reply. October 3rd I begged him to reply.

On October 3rd I tried directly calling Global Limo (800-985-4002) and nobody answered. I left a message. I then used Live Chat on their website and although Live Chat claimed they were “available” nobody responded… ever.

I sent an email, sent a message through their Instagram, posted a comment on their YouTube videos, tried contacting them through their Pinterest and called more. I even had friends call for me because I thought *maybe* they will answer if they don’t recognize the phone number…. NOPE.

My sister in law and I began looking for a limo company who would be able to provide us service on such short notice. It wasn’t an easy task because most companies were now fully booked. Thankfully 6 days before the event we were able to find a competitor limo service called MAC limo (michigan) who felt awful for us and provided amazing service, which we shall discuss more in a minute, but first, let me finish slamming Global Limos: All of this chaos and headache was 100% preventable by them taking 5 seconds to REPLY.

Maybe you are wondering why you only see 5-star reviews on Global Limos website? It’s because Global MODERATES AND DELETES all of their bad reviews. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

If they were an HONEST company, you would be able to see my review from October 17th, 2021 posted on the main page of their site. This is exactly what my review said (I copied and pasted this same review everywhere, including on their Facebook):

As mentioned previously, THANKFULLY, only a few days away from the event my sister-in-law was able to find the most AMAZING company ever, called Mac Limo (located in Sterling Heights, Michigan).  The owners name is Tim and he PERSONALLY drove for our event to make sure we had a 5-star time... and it was the best limo experience we have ever had.  

Tim was so awesome that I invited him to come in and have pizza and we ended up chatting the entire night.  As you know, if you're an avid reader of this blog, I have a soft spot in my heart for small businesses because IS a small business, even though we do big things  :)  

In closing, this situation isn't "turn lemons into lemonade"; this situation ended up being THE BEST EVER!  I couldn't be any happier that Global ghosted me because finding Mac and meeting Tim was incredible.  I will seriously never book through any other company as long as I have money and Mac has a limo!  

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