Mr Rebates New FREE Automatic Cash Back Web Browser Plug-In

Mr Rebates New FREE Automatic Cash Back Web Browser Plug-In

Posted by Big Brand on 2nd May 2021

As you already know I am a MASSIVE advocate of the best-ever FREE cash back shopping site called Mr Rebates for three main reasons:

1. There's NO minimum cash-out amount.  Personally, I have been a Mr. Rebates member since 2009 and I have successfully cashed out over $25,000!!!!!!

2.  Mr Rebates pays by PayPal or check or I think direct deposit might be an option too.  As you can see from my screenshot above I only have ever used PayPal. 

3. Most importantly, if you love buying INVENTORY through sites like Macys, American Eagle, Bath & Body Works and more OR if you need to buy something for your house or garden from Home Depot or Walmart you can get 1% - 15% cash back! You even get cash back on EBAY purchases!  Here's my April 2021 purchases and the amount of cash back I got for each:

Since I have written a ton of posts about Mr Rebates, if you want to learn more about them you can read those posts (How to Get the Biggest Discounts When Shopping Clearance Sections).  But the point of todays blog is to tell you about the AMAZING new Mr Rebates feature which is a web browser plug-in that will ALWAYS TELL YOU WHEN CASH BACK IS AVAILABLE!  So, for example, let's say your vehicle is in the shop so you go to the Alamo Car Rental website, the Mr. Rebates web plug-in will automatically tell you "4% Cash Back Available!".  Or let's say you got an email from announcing a big sale so you rush to browse their goods... the Mr Rebates plugin will tell you 6% cash back is available today.  Basically, it's stupid NOT to use the free plug-in!  


There's only two simple steps.  This takes under 5 total minutes and I promise you will be THRILLED you spent the couple minutes to do it!

Step 1: Click here Join Mr. Rebates.  When you click this link a new page will open.  After you sign up, continue to: 

Step 2:  Click Here to Get the Free Extension called the "Quick Cash Button".  You will then be taken to the Google Chrome Store.  This add-on is 100% FREE!  This add-on works with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Web Browsers:

Installing the extension seriously takes 10 seconds.  After you install it you will see it at the top of your web browser:

When you click on the icon you will be able to see your current cash back and "pending" cash:

You'll also notice some coupons and such.  So what are you waiting for?  Join Mr. Rebates and get that extention!! 

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