Handmade Item Sellers Share 10 Major Frustrations with Etsy

Handmade Item Sellers Share 10 Major Frustrations with Etsy

Posted by Big Brand on 1st Dec 2021

Long-time Etsy sellers are becoming increasingly frustrated with their beloved marketplace turning into what they refer to as a "vast wasteland".

Here's a list of what is aggravating Etsy sellers the most: 

1. A selling/buying online platform that doesn't honor its own policies.

2. A vast online landfill of mostly made in China, fake originals, porn, resales, resale craft supplies found elsewhere, stenciled "art". soiled panties, smelly dirty socks, dildos, inflatable anus and vagina , fakes of every imaginable product, can food, brand name candy, ready made junk bought at wholesale with private label or passed as handmade, silk screen t shirts, mugs and everything silkscreened under the sun, dead baby rats, sex solicitation, and the Etsy "eclectic" listings goes on and on.

3. Community forums that are taken over by a group of rude know-it-alls who many times accuse, misinform, make false assumptions, harass, belittle, mock, insult and bully others whenever they feel like it. Most times the thread topic goes astray.

4. A vast wasteland where sellers are busy policing other sellers.

5. AliExpress-type dropshippers

6. A vast wasteland of clueless buyers who many times fall victim to "original" "handmade" or even "vintage".

7. A company that doesn't care about honest small sellers.

8. A company that harasses sellers and buyers with in your face porn listings and unsolicited in your face porn images of every kind imaginable.

9. A company that doesn't seem to care or want to clean up the porn, the resellers, the fakes, and or China made off its platform.

10. and unfortunately the minority of small sellers with integrity and honesty are heading toward extinction from Etsy

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