Awesome, Cheap "Thank You Cards" / Comment Cards for Your Online Orders

Awesome, Cheap "Thank You Cards" / Comment Cards for Your Online Orders

Posted by Big Brand on 21st Aug 2020

Adding a little card to your order serves two purposes: 

1. It thanks the customer, but more importantly 

2. It gives them your contact info in case they have a question, concern, problem, etc. 

Really though, an order should never leave your hands without adding a Thank You Card to it (unless you’re out of Thank You cards or the person has ordered so many times that, by this point, the card has became clutter to them) and here’s why:

A hand written little note is always nice. Personally, I always like getting them, BUT I have noticed that they rarely ever say any IMPORTANT info. Here’s a great example;

The other day I received 3 different shipments from different sellers that I bought Live fish and snails though. One of the orders was these AMAZING snails. Like seriously gorgeous snails. Here’s one of them:

I was so impressed with the snails that I immediately wanted to buy more for my other tank…. But the Thank You note simply said, in very nice handwriting, “Thanks so much for your purchase! - Laura N.” … this was very nice, but WHO sold me these snails? Hmmmmm….

I immediately checked my Amazon Order History, then eBay, then my email, then my work email. I simply couldn’t remember what site I bought these specific snails off of because I buy a LOT of stuff, all the time… additionally, with COVID, shipping is taking forever and transit time is equally long, which makes everything a big clusterf*ck.

I then looked at the box the snails came in and the mailing label was also useless because it didn’t state a company name or seller I.D, it instead said “Laura N” and an address in South Carolina.

It has now been a week and I still am not sure when, or where, I ordered these snails, which is a shame, because I am ready to buy more but don’t have time to keep researching.

My point is that, without a Thank You Card, you have no way of truly assisting your customer after the sale. Sure, you can print a boring invoice. But you and I both know that invoices go directly into the trash (or maybe Recycling pile), but a nice card is often kept for future use. So, here’s how to make super simple, very cost effective Thank you cards for your buyers: is a fantastic website because it offers stunning pre-made templates and tons of options to fit literally ANY budget. (BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING, MAKE SURE YOU JOIN MR. REBATES BECAUSE YOU GET 4% - 25% CASH BACK! But we will discuss this more in a bit)

Anyhoo, with VistaPrint you can get super cheap business card sized Thank You Cards (larger cards, called "post cards" are also available):

And when you select a template you like you can customize it almost endlessly - colors, fonts, styles, images, your logo - you name it, you can do it!:

100 cards is $15, but cards are so much cheaper when you buy a larger quantity. For example:

  • 500 cards are only $20
  • 1,000 cards are $33
  • 1,500 cards are $45

And so on.

You can also choose to add a back side (which is VERY VALUABLE!), so you can ask people to leave you a review, ask them to subscribe, give them a coupon code, promote your website or even tell the customer about your company. Having a double-sided card is always awesome! This is the back side of our new cards (August 2020):

Plus, the added cost to have both sides printed is very marginal. To get only 100 cards printed on the front and back is only about $8 more.

There’s lots more “add-ons”, such as a thicker card paper, rounded corners, even fancy foil graphics, but none of this is genuinely needed. If you are on a budget, just stick to the basic “standard” paper and opt for “front and back printing”. You can even choose to have the back printed in black and white only to save money. OR, if you’re super broke, you can buy a self-inking stamp and literally stamp the backside with whatever important details you need the custo to have. Stamps are super cheap now! I paid $45 for this back in 2006 but now it’s under $9 (or under $15 for self inking… trust me, you want self-inking!)

Since you have 3 total lines you can have the stamp say your important details, such as:

Questions? Contact Us!

Or, try to get a positive review out of your happy custos by stamping the card with:

Love your new goodies?

Leave Us a Review!


QUICK TIP: The nicer you make your card, the more likely someone is to keep it. Yes, foil, glitter, heavy cardstock and rounded corners cost more. NO, you absolutely DO NOT need ALL of these features in one card, but if you upgrade and get 1 extra feature, you will stand a higher chance of someone keeping your card. When they keep your card they remember you and come back to order again! Is paying an extra 5-cents worth getting a repeat buyer? YES!!! Even if you spend $20 extra on that specific batch of 500 cards and only 4 people come back right away to buy again, you have already paid off the $20 additional cost and you can sleep at night knowing that your card is still sitting on 30 peoples desks, or in their wallets, so chances are you are going to trigger even more repeat buyers! FACT: It is ALWAYS so much cheaper to keep (repeat) buyers than to find new buyers.

Ok, so earlier I mentioned Mr Rebates: They are the most amazing site (one of my ALL TIME FAVS that I have avidly promoted for over 10 years! I most love them because there’s NO minimum cash out amount! Make $1 and get it deposited into your Pay Pal or bank acct!). Mr Rebates is 100% free and gives you legit cashback on purchases from well known sites / stores. Vista Print is one of the businesses on their list. The amount you earn back depends on the week:

I ordered our new cards last week and got 20% cash back but today the cash back amount is 4%; this is probably because today VistaPrint is running a huge 50% off everything special:

What’s super cool about MrRebates is that you CAN still use coupon codes and also earn the cash back! So you CAN use the VistaPrint “SALE50” code and also get 4% cashback through MrRebates. Now, of course, this only applies when the SALE50 code is active. According to VistaPrint this specific deal is “2 Days Only” however VistaPrint does have a “Coupon Code Section” where you can view whatever deals they have that specific day. BUT even if VistaPrint isn’t doing a coupon code you can still get the cash back through MrRebates any day. Anyways, sign up for Mr Rebates because it’s friggin awesome. 

Need some ideas?  Here's some super cool card ideas (remember, you can make it say whatever you want!):


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