Amazon Announces FBA Seller Fees Increase for 2022

Amazon Announces FBA Seller Fees Increase for 2022

Posted by Big Brand on 28th Nov 2021

If you thought you escaped the USPS rate increase and if you laughed when you saw the eBay fee increase because you thought you were safe; the fee Nazi has come to your door, Amazon Sellers. 

On January 18, 2022 Amazon will be permanently raising selling costs, especially for sellers who choose to use the FBA program.  Some of the rate increases will include:

  • introduction of dim-weight pricing for large standard-size products excluding apparel;
  • higher monthly off-peak storage fees
  • higher removal and disposal fees (liquidation fees will remain unchanged);
  • higher FBA Prep Service fees
  • introduction of a tiered rate structure for long-term storage fees
  • fulfillment fee changes to 5.2%

Although "Referral Fees" will also increase by 2%-3%, Amazon claims that this increase will be offset by reduced fees regarding return processing.  

We also know that the FBA Small and Light program will be changing. 

Check out all of the new fee increases and program changes by category below:

2022 FBA fulfillment fee changes

2022 FBA monthly storage fee and aged inventory surcharge

2022 Amazon referral fee changes

2022 FBA removal and disposal order fee changes

2022 FBA Small and Light fee changes

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