6 Online Sellers Share Weird Customer Requests - September 2021 Edition

6 Online Sellers Share Weird Customer Requests - September 2021 Edition

Posted by Big Brand on 15th Sep 2021

If you are an online seller chances are you have received at least one strange request.  We get them quite a bit here at Here's some of ours followed by 5 additional sellers sharing theirs:

1. One of our most common weird requests is having someone purchase a listing for little girls Carters brand dresses in size 5/6 then asking us to ship them the same dresses in womens size 22... Carters doesn't even make adult dresses!  It has always baffled me that people think we are listing one thing yet have some kind of secretive full size assortment hiding in our warehouse.    We have also had men purchase black dress shoes in size 10, 11 and 12 then contact us to request that we "Only ship size 9 in brown"... bro, we don't have this in brown, let alone size 9 in brown.  Where do people come up with this stuff?  

Other strange requests we get on a regular basis involve people randomly showing up and banging on our warehouse door.  When we answer the door they're like "Hi, I'm here to shop".  We are not a retail store.  We are a warehouse.  We do not have a shopping area let alone a cash register or sales staff.  We tell these people they are welcome to order online and come back to pick it up.  99.999% of them then reply, "Can I just come in and look around a bit?" - What?  Why? Quite honestly it's a spooky request that gives me the creeps.  If you're an online seller would you want a stranger showing up at your front door and asking to come inside and go through your inventory shelves?  HECK NO.  I wonder how many of these people drive to their local Amazon Warehouse and ask to come browse?  And I wonder how Amazon deals with this.   We have had so many people randomly show up that we had custom fliers made to tell them how to order through our site.  We have these fliers hanging on all of our warehouse doors so no matter what door they show up at we can hand them a flier and send them away.   And what is extra creepy is that barely any of the people we hand fliers to ever convert to sales, so in the back of my mind I always think they just wanted to steal things.  Maybe I'm wrong but clearly they are not serious wholesale buyers.  

So if you're dealing with a weird request, here's 5 additional sellers in the same boat: 

2. I NEED A GRAPH!  Seller: anthonyd46

Weirdest one I got was a blu-ray movie and they wanted to know exact layout of any scratches on the disc, rips on the slip cover etc. It was worded like "so if the disc is a graph and 100 identical squares is there any damage in squares 1-10?" This went on for about a page and he signed it "Sorry if I look like a weirdo."

What made no sense to me was I had it for $8.99 with free shipping and amazon had it brand new for $9.99 with free shipping. Like wouldn't you just spend the dollar and get a new one instead of being that specific?


I had a buyer ask for photos of me wearing the shoes I was selling, asking if it was a female or male who wore them


I have been selling soccer balls on ebay. One of my customers asked for the packaging to be removed and for the ball to be deflated. I mean I can do it but it just seems a little odd.


if I didn't write something specific on the box they would return it for not following instructions.

6. ONLY SHIP ME 20% OF WHAT I BOUGHT, PLEASE Seller: Mahkittahkakes

Auction had ended and the winning bidder paid, then sent a message asking me to send just 4 items out of the 20+ items that were being sold together. They are also asking that I partially refund for shipping since the package will be smaller and lighter.

Do you have a crazy buyer story?  Send it to us and you might get featured on our blog!  Be sure to include a link to your store! 

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