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USA Shipping

This information applies to Continental United States addresses,  For International Shipping click here.

Where are you located?  Wayne, Michigan (48184). Feel like coming to Metro Detroit to Pickup Your Wholesale Order? Here's pickup info!

When Does It Ship? Typically Same-Day or Next Day, Monday through Friday. We do not ship on weekends because our local post office isn't open at all.  So, if ya order on Friday after 12pm EST, it won't be in transit till Monday. 

When Will it Arrive?  


We are in Michigan.  You can see transit estimates in the image above. You should plan on a little extra transit time during the Holiday season (Nov 29th - Jan 12th). These are transit time ESTIMATES.  Its possible your parcel may arrive faster or slower depending on how quick the carrier operates.  NOTE: IF YOUR ORDER SHIPS IN MULTIPLE PARCELS, IT IS POSSIBLE THEY WILL NOT ARRIVE ON THE SAME DAY.  You can look at Tracking to see when each will be delivered.

HOW MUCH IS SHIPPING? Our shipping rates INCLUDE free Tracking Number(s) and full Insurance. You can view the USA shipping rate in every listing:


Most smaller quantity Lots ship for $11 - $13 and include Tracking AND insurance. Larger Lots ship for around $20 - $30. Obviously a really large Lot is going to cost more than $30 to ship.

HOW DO I CHECK TRACKING?  Here's an awesome 3-minute video guide to show you how to find your tracking numbers, how to check tracking and how to sign up for Tracking Notifications so you don't have to keep checking tracking:

WHERE IS THE REST OF MY ORDER???!!! Simply check your tracking numbers to find out!  Just because we ship multiple parcels on the same day DOES NOT mean they will arrive on the same day.

CAN YOU COMBINE SHIPPING? We are a high volume seller so we have achieved a shipping discount that applies to very specific size and weight parcel (18"x18" poly mailer that weighs under 20 pounds):


If we combine parcels into one box we void the discount requirements! It is almost always cheaper for you to have us ship multiple 18x18 parcels than it is for us to combine these to a box measuring 36"x36".) FOR EXAMPLE:  We can ship two 18x18" parcels from Michigan to California for around $20 total.  However, if we were to combine these two parcels into one 36x36 box, it would cost over $65 to ship! Additionally, our parcels ship via Priority Mail, so you get them FAST.  If we combine parcels into one large box, it would have to ship via Ground, which would be more expensive AND would take 2x-3x as long to arrive! 

And finally, when we list new Lots we create them to meet the size and weight requirements of the shipping discount.  After the merchandise is videoed it is double counted then packaged and sealed.  When an order comes in for it, all our warehouse needs to do is print a shipping label. This is how we ship so quick!  If we had to spend time pulling the merchandise, finding a box to fit the Lots, taping up the box, etc, it would greatly increase the time needed to ship to you.  This is why competitor companies take 3-5 days to ship your orders meanwhile we get your order out right away!

CAN YOU SHIP THROUGH FED EX? UPS? We do not ship through FedEx or UPS because the rates are higher, they require a surcharge for residential delivery, they only deliver on weekdays so delivery takes 2-3 days longer in addition to damaging parcels.  If you need your Fed Ex or UPS account billed, please follow our Pickup instructions then schedule FedEx or UPS to pickup from us using your FedEx / UPS account.  Please note, you will have to pay for Fed Ex or UPS to pickup from our warehouse,

CAN I COME BROWSE YOUR WAREHOUSE AND TAKE WHAT I WANT WITH ME? Please see our Pickup Page for questions about visiting us.