USA Shipping

This information applies to Continental United States addresses only,  For International Shipping click here.

How Much is Shipping?



Where are you located?  Wayne, Michigan (48184). Feel like coming to Metro Detroit to Pickup Your Wholesale Order? Here's pickup info!

When Does It Ship? Typically Same-Day or Next Day, Monday through Friday. We do not ship on weekends or Holidays because our local post office isn't open at all.  So, if ya order on Friday after 12pm EST, it won't be in transit till Monday.  Keep in mind, we are on EASTERN STANDARD TIME here in Michigan, so we have to receive your order by Michigan's 12pm. Check out our current time below:


When Will it Arrive?  

We are in Michigan.

Transit time duration depends on which shipping option you select at checkout.  If you select "Free Shipping" we will ship it the cheapest method possible, transit can take 3-10 days. 

Or, you can upgrade to Priority Mail for only $4.99 per Lot.  Here are approximate Priority Mail transit times:


You should plan on a little extra transit time during the Holiday season (Nov 29th - Jan 12th). These are transit time ESTIMATES.  Its possible your parcel may arrive faster or slower depending on how quick the carrier operates.  NOTE: IF YOUR ORDER SHIPS IN MULTIPLE PARCELS, IT IS POSSIBLE THEY WILL NOT ARRIVE ON THE SAME DAY.  You can look at Tracking to see when each will be delivered.


There are two ways to check tracking.  First, you can go to your email and use the search box.  Type "Big Brand Wholesale" and you will see all communications from us.  YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 EMAIL PER TRACKING NUMBER.  This means if your order shipped in three parcels you will receive 3 emails.  Often these emails are filtered to Spam / Junk so you need to use the search box to find them all.  OR you can login to your account with our site:


Next click ACCOUNT:


If your order shipped in multiple parcels you will need to click MESSAGES to see a full list of tracking numbers:


After you click MESSAGES you can select the order you want to view the list for:


Now select the order you want to view tracking numbers for:

Now you can view all of your tracking numbers for each order:

 Here's an awesome 3-minute video guide to show you how to find your tracking numbers, how to check tracking and how to sign up for Tracking Notifications so you don't have to keep checking tracking:

WHERE IS THE REST OF MY ORDER???!!! Simply check your tracking numbers to find out!  Just because we ship multiple parcels on the same day DOES NOT mean they will arrive on the same day.  Here's why Parcels Might Arrive on Different Days, Even Though They Shipped at the Same Time

HELP! I MISSED DELIVERY!  If you missed your delivery, here are step-by-step directions to reschedule USPS Missed Delivery 

CAN I COME BROWSE YOUR WAREHOUSE AND TAKE WHAT I WANT WITH ME? Please see our Pickup Page for questions about visiting us.  Here's Why We Don't Have a Shopping Area Inside Our Warehouse