List of 150 Womens Clothing Wholesalers (145+ USA Located!)

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We are often asked if we can refer people to other companies that sell Womens Wholesale Clothing so we took the time to compile a complete list of 150 wholesale companies, almost all are located inside the USA, and they all sell wholesale apparel for women.  We are only asking $1.99 to cover the cost of the time it took to compile this list and provide you with all of the direct links in addition to notating which website are not secure.  You will not need to spend any time surfing the internet to try to find ladies wholesale clothing suppliers because we have done all the work for you. 


Page 1: Cover

Page 2: Table of Contents and Information

Pages 3 - 28: 150 Wholesalers that Sell Womens Clothing with direct links to their websites

Page 29 - 31: Name Brands vs Fashion Brands vs Designer Brands (educational content)

Page 32: Our other awesome eBook Downloads!


For $1.99 you will be provided with this 35 page document as a Microsoft Word document as well as an "ePub" file, PDF, ODT, txt and  html / zip


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